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Planet Athus Prime in system Zalar (TGE918)

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Athus Prime

Athus Prime is inhabited by a species that uploaded themselves into bipedal mechanical chassis. Calling themselves Cybareans, their "brains" are actually a complex AI processor. Their shift to mechanical bodies is referred to as the Great Upload, and occurred as a result of the removal of their moon from its orbit around the planet. In order to maintain their existence their bodies are designed to process food like a living organism. They also make a synthetic oil from plant matter. Their chassis are made from a strange metal that corrodes in atmospheres with more than 5% CO2, they also require an atmosphere of at least 50% N2 to maintain internal functions. Upon discovering a Kerendor ship approaching their planet the Cybareans immediately began to prepare for the worst. Even after the ship remained in planetary orbit for twenty local days, the peace envoy was still a surprise. After only 12 hours of negotiations the Cybareans became a part of the Kerendor Empire. The planet immediately became a member of the Imperial Senate. The planet is inhabited by Kerendor, Tristor, Zorvona, Lucastins, Trillians, and Cybareans.


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This solar system belongs to user 'king1178'.


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