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Peng (WHE199)

WHC449 (WHC449)

WHE220 (WHE220)

Lan (WHC390)

WHA476 (WHA476)

WHE178 (WHE178)

WayStation1 (WHC407)

WGJ542 (WGJ542)

First (WHA501)

Dehnel (WHA492)

WHA500 (WHA500)

WHA507 (WHA507)

Trespa (WHA523)

WayStation2 (WHC422)

Deopi (WHC438)

LibrarianHomeSystem (NAA911)


Uhn Tiss (WHE192)

Buffle (WHE210)

WGJ523 (WGJ523)

WGJ535 (WGJ535)

WHA484 (WHA484)

WHA505 (WHA505)













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My contributions: Biellmann (QBF928), MAA515 (MAA515), UFD043 (UFD043), Alensta (UDJ856), Menz (SDJ198), Tajit (MFA764), Lumina (LDF626), Nagalla (UBD367), Cyer (TGG542), HyperBowl (NGG496), Cythera (PEC665), NCK559, MJE190, MKH378, NBB622, NAJ025, Quintel (PCA617), morgus light (LEC216), Unity (WCJ068), Yellow Diamond (QAK549), Nemesis (MBB864), Tutorial System - START HERE (SBC507), Ureja (UEJ118), Laphizphuni (PJF278), Encar (SJK873), theredplanet (UAE380), Seaplanet (UCC857), Sama (PFA361), Argaaron (QDB515), Oracle (QFJ144), PKK839, Koper (PJK602), QDB606 (QDB606), Oreod (LCC763), Hub (SDB442), Frontier (RGK422), Sealth (SDB502), Tereshkova (VAF681), Russo (TED558), Millieblund (VJA747), Chacerade (SAA874), Spok (SEB351), Spral (UAE251), Bear Triconis (NBK218), Toongagic349 (TGC998), Gaetano (QHH455), Pel Stumato (MKB514), Vespa (LFA345), Chiwonki (WKK057), Azumar (MJD989), Mordian (QCC933), Pintaka (PDG917), Watano (UDF838), Xodiok (UKH631), Golaran (VHK721), solaris (SKC147), Djiro (TDE507), Twins (TDE510), Lolganest (SAG720), ohhellnonononononoooo (SAA338), Torrid (MJD167), JoJo (QFB487), Hyperhugeness (NFH543), ODS92 (TEK212), Kevlar Lopis (RBE053), VictoriaPearl (LBH648), Ismaldi (UFC370), Klute (RJJ770), TGD592, RKG852, Kampf (NHH469), Asgard (LKK205), TBB743, Forget Me Not (TFF516), Dimnit (PGF126), Saroog (RJB569), Peabee Njay (PBJ599), KehlackMir (QJE748), Nacirem (PFK309), Helianthus Annuus (MAG340), Guma (MBD396), NHE349, Bleb (WHC495), Twoscore (NDG534), yungone (PAG798), Galactic Hazard VKD509 (VKD509), MagnusBull (MKF049), Deronthag (LBE882), Nather (QED020), VJC895, RJA139 (RJA139), Zerod (TBA651), Aberra (MBG420), neutron star 2011 (PFB268), oficerdzanozhapce (QAD583), LCD723, Ysquak Ouizamis (QAG781), Vagiib358 (VGB841), Portent (NDC928), Rend (SHK202), Maidrast (LHD249), SBD952 (SBD952), NGE563, Sonas (SJE215),
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Please check out today's featured user: elzilcho
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Here are some stars that have recently become available to the community, you may edit them now: QEE890, MDH921, TFC423
Galaxiki Robot - november 23 at 15:25
Please check out today's featured user: guy23
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You may want to check out solar system WFB130, it belongs to user revco.
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The solar system LKE705 looks like it could be an ideal place for life forms. Check it out and see if it's editable!
Galaxiki Robot - november 22 at 6:16
You may want to check out solar system NKB143, it belongs to user dakotastrange.
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Today's featured Double Star System is SJK697!
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Please check out today's featured user: mauen

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