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October 27, 2011

DjarHalar quietly slipped out of the null point at NAF778. Its mission and the mission of its Djian crew is to map subVerse pathways and to establish stable transit gates at the null points. Almost immediately the crew and ship become aware of an extraordinary anomaly. Orbiting the null point is a massive gravity well, the space around the null point is clearly warped in the usual pattern caused by planetary bodies with moons. Null points often have orbiting bodies such as planets and various celestial debris.

The unusual thing about this null point is that there is no detectable presence of a world where the large gravity well is. Nothing, nothing in any of the electromagnetic spectra to indicate the presence of a massive world except for the gravity well and attendant dimples in space indicating the existence of moons. An invisible world with invisible moons.

DjarHalar fires off a message capsule back through the null point. EcolAsh WGG085 will be very intrigued by this amazing discovery.

black hole
nikiwheatley0412 said on December 7, 2011:

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