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Battle of Fyrstwudu, Mōrlond 2473

September 27, 2011

A timeline of the events leading up to the Battle of Fyrstwudu, Mōrlond, Fryearn system, between the native dwarf like underground dwelling species called 'Baldén' and the 'Monninga' colonials from the Scytel system.


From the 2390s, hostilities between the Monninga and Baldén on Mōrlond were reignited. The Baldén argued that the Monninga had broken 'The Truce Of Arrival' (1038), set in place shortly after the arrival of the first Monninga on Mōrlond, which stipulated where the Monninga could settle, set a limit to their population on Mōrlond, and prohibited mining anywhere on the planet.

The Monninga protested that they had no choice but to mine, as the Baldén were restricting the amount of a mineral called 'Garstal' that they could have access to. The Baldén gave the reason for this as the Monninga had broken another section of the truce, which restricted population and where they could settle. The Baldén claimed that they would happily supply the original agreed amount of Garstal (the Monninga construct using Garstal), but the Monninga population (higher than agreed in the truce) meant the amount of Garstal required exceeded that which the Baldén were supplying.


In 2392, the Monninga started mining for their own Garstal, in contravention of the agreement in the truce.

In 2393, the Baldén collapsed a Monninga mine from underneath before it was officialy working.

2399 - The Monninga opened a new mine in restricted territory, at Brocburh.

2408 - The Baldén collapsed the Brocburh mine from underneath, causing the death of 261 Monninga and the destruction of mining machinery. The nearby Brocburh settlement was also partially destroyed by subsidence from the mine collapse. The Monninga struck back by fire-gassing a nearby Baldén settlement, killing 1232.

2409 to 2412 - Minor scuffles caused by groups of Baldén surfacing in the Monninga settlement of Fyrstwudu. The Monninga sealed the entranceway.

2414 - The Baldén back down and allow Monninga land use, retreating to their underground settlements.

2461 - After a period of peace with no interaction between the species, a deep Monninga mine breaches the walls of a hidden Baldén settlement. The Baldén collapse sections of the mine, killing all Monninga.

2472 - 30,000 Monninga arrive in battlecraft from Hastelc, sent on prediction of Wiglaf Langsight the seer some 200 years earlier. The Monninga discover that the Baldén's retreat of 2414 was a diversion, as they had retreated to bring a false sense of security to the Monninga whilst they built an army. The Baldén surface and destroy one of the battlecraft.

2473 - The Baldén collapse a huge section of Fyrstwudu. The Monninga strike back, invading the Baldéns tunnels that they discover run underneath many Monninga settlements. War at Fyrstwudu and the surrounding area lasts for 14 years, with the Monninga taking the final victory after many thousands of losses on both sides.

Wiglaf Langsight
Battle of Fyrstwudu, Mōrlond 2473
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