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The Geddi People

January 03, 2012

The Geddi people are Hominid species averaging 1.7 to 2 meters and weighing between 65 to 90 kg for males and 1.5 to 1.7 meters for females weighing in between 45to 60kg. Obesity is not tolerated among these people. They are lean and hard.

They have skin the colors ranging from amber,golden to bronze and have obsidian colored eyes They have almond eyes and pointed ears. They can be described as to resemble Asiatic elves from the Far East. Their hair is invaribly black and unmarried women have their hair cut to a length of five centimeters, not much longer than men's hair. When they are married they are expected to grow their hair to a length of 60 centimeters. The short hair sets the maidens off from the married women. The young girls are implanted with a birth control device until they get married. They are forbidden to marry until they have killed an enemy in battle.

Unlike the Star Wars Empire, women had a a pronounced presence and influence in the Geddi Empire, not only did they serve in the Imperial Forces, they were prominent in the Bureaucracy,and many agents of the myriad police and intelligence agencies were women. The "with it or on it" mentality was fostered by the women since their antiquity.

Being staunchly monarchist and aristocratic they supported monarchies in worlds that they wished to dominate and would intermarry with local dynasties. Such dynastic marriages are the sole exception to an ancient ban on native Geddi women marrying outside their race.

The Children belong to the State and at birth are examined for fitness, the weak are euthanized, at ages seven, twelve and eighteen they are likewise inspected with the weak, sick and disabled being weeded out. Their education consists of military training for eleven years. Those suffering disabling injuries are expected to commit suicide.

The Geddi acquired this harsh lifesyle because their race was almost wiped out by a 100 year long famine brought on by stellar degradation.

Geddi Culture
The Geddi People
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