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The Planet Eaters

16. may 2009, by dakotastrange

It was a lone planet orbiting it's star. An orb composed mostly of land mass, but punctuated by three large oceans. Inhabited by many life forms, the dominant species had evolved into a remarkable society having made extraordinary advancements in the sciences. The nine mega-cities sprawled across the planet leaving little of the natural landscape intact.Little notice was taken when the planet entered a cloud of dust and debris. In this stellar system such occurrences were quite usual, and this particular patch offered little in the way of the abnormal. It's fine particles produce only the smallest of sparks as they collided with the atmosphere, and the few meteors that were produced quickly burned out. So, perhaps it was this oversight or negligence that the microscopic strings which fell over the planet went undetected.It was but a few revolutions of the planet before pandemonium broke out among the masses. Gaping holes in roofs appeared. Vegetation seemingly disappeared. Holes in the soil and the manufactured surfaces covering the public areas of the mega-cities could not be explained. Overnight, it seemed as if the entire world was disintegrating.Horrible reports of individuals' encounters with the now visible strings began to surface. The glowing multi-colored strings were deadly. Reports of individuals who had made attempts to pick up the strings concluded they had been electrocuted and their corpses had quickly been eaten away.The politicos gave grave warnings about these dangerous unknown things. And as the strings grew longer and larger and everything in their path vanished, hysteria prevailed.Scientist were baffled. As best as they could determine, the strings were Energy. Energy? Impossible! Strings made up of strings of pure energy. Energy that broke down every single molecule it encountered and feasted upon it's components. Why, the very idea was ridiculous...and no one had a solution as how to stop the things.The gruesome events that evolved as the strings ate away the planet were far too numerous to recount. Eventually, all that remained was a tangled intertwined mass of flickering strings circling the star. It's fuel source exhausted, the mass of strings soon dimmed, and in the great stellar winds microscopic strings were carried away, perhaps, in search of another planet.
Planet Eaters

Scouting information on the newly discovered star system WDB227

10. may 2009, by captainxs

WDB227is a very newly discovered star system. It was discovered by Scout Ship 01 from the Exploration Mothership "Kathleen." The star system WDB227 is located in the galaxy NGC1300, known as Galaxiki. The galaxy Galaxiki is a Hubble-type spiral galaxy with two massive spiral arms.Galaxiki is on the other side of the universe from our own galaxy, the Milky Way.The star WDB227 is a mature red dwarf star. There are 8 planets in this star system. Altogether they have 282 moons! Most of the planets are too cold or too hot to support life. Only one of the eight planets, WDB227.1, is capable of hosting lifeforms. It has been confirmed that there is indeed life on WDB227.1. WDB227.1 is the innermost of the 8 planets orbiting this star. Life on this planet is now known to be highly developed and carbon-based. WDB227.1 has two unexplored moons, both of which may also be capable of supporting life. This planet has a moderate average temperature (19C), much like that of Earth. The diameter of the planet is also very similar to Earth's.Approximately 55% of WDB227.1's surface is land mass, distributed fairly evenly over five continents. Two of these are on the polar caps, while the other three are roughly evenly-spaced around the equator. All five of the continents are more round than irregular in shape. Compared to Earth's 29% land surface, WDB227.1 has twice the land area and only 70% of the water surface.WDB227.1's atmosphere, however, is quite different from Earth's. It is composed mostly of nitrogen and oxygen, but with much more oxygen. The oxygen concentration is 38%, as opposed to Earth's 21%. Due to the different content of atmospheric gases and dust, the air and water look green instead of blue. If Earth is the Blue Planet, then WDB227.1 is the GREEN PLANET ! More importantly, the carbon dioxide level (1.0%) is about 26 times that of Earth's atmosphere! This has greatly influenced the evolution of carbon-based life on the planet. Oxygen is nourishing to carbon-based animal life, while carbon dioxide is basically plant food. So both animal life and plant life are promoted highly by WDB227.1's atmosphere, relative to Earth's air. Metabolic rates on the planet are much higher than on Earth, resulting in a continuous explosion of life. Because of this, the biomass burden of the planet's surface land and water is very much greater than Earth's.Plant life, however, is much more highly favored relative to animal life on WDB227.1. Most of the planet's surface, both land and oceans, is clogged with vegetable matter. The oceans are saltier than Earth's, but are filled with suspended green algae. In places, the algae is so thick that the sea water resembles green tomato juice. Large portions of the seas are covered with vast clumps of floating ocean plants up to many meters thick. This material is like seaweed that grows out of the sea like grass, forming flat plates called "greenfloes." The clumps can aggregate into continent-sized fields of turf that behave similarly to ice floes on Earth. Currents can causes greenfloes to crumple when compressed, uplifting temporary green mountains of plant matter. These mountains quickly rot and are dissipated by the many other robust environmental forces. Greenfloes can be broken up by storms, or by currents that cause them to simply drift apart. They can also be consumed by voracious marine life as part of the pendulum swing of ecological trends.The thicker of these floating temporary land masses can be traversed on foot or by vehicle. But because they offer no solid foundation, they are unsuitable for supporting permanent buildings. Research facilities sited on greenfloes should be designed as amphibious structures.The land, air, and oceans of WDB227.1 teem with a bewildering array of animal and plant life. The simpler animal forms feed on the greenfloes, or on the green algae that permeates the seas. Most of the land surface (except for some deserts and the polar ice caps) is covered by vast forests. Every square meter of land is covered by thick vegetation, primarily a shrub called "permaleaf." Permaleaf is a hedge-like plant with very small, densely-packed, very dark green (almost black) leaves. It grows everywhere to a thickness of several meters. Permaleaf is always tightly packed all the way to the ground, even in the densest forests. Terrestrial animals teem everywhere, mostly running in large packs or herds. The ground animals must make "tunnel" trails through the permaleaf with their movements. Vines intertwine the top surface of permaleaf, creating a relatively flat mat that can support weight. Another class of animals moves about primarily on this flat top of the permaleaf. They are lightweight, but have big feet to support them on the vegetation. When threatened by predators from above, however, they "dive" into the thick foliage for cover. Although it is dark under permaleaf, it is not totally dark. Illumination from the star there is much brighter than from the Sun on Earth. Once eyes adjust, there is not much difference between daytime under permaleaf and in the shade on Earth.Both the animals and plants on WDB227.1 are highly predatory. Everything is ready to eat everything else. Unlike on Earth, many of the larger plants are active carnivores rather than passive vegetables. They use a variety of trapping techniques to snatch their prey from teeming animal herds infesting the planet. These carnivorous plants snare both small and sometimes large ground animals and avians. Some of these predator plants use funnel-shaped parts with slippery sides to trap small prey. Some use large leaves or bracts that snap shut, like a Venus Fly-Trap plant on Earth. Another class uses vine-like strands that form the equivalent of massive sticky cobwebs to catch mostly birds. Some actively snare the head of animal prey with teeth-like thorns and suck them into hollow stalks. These tubules crawl around the prey and swallow them as would a snake on earth. Some of the snake-plants are poisonous, while others merely suffocate their prey, and some do both. Still others simply latch on with flexible roots that immediately start to penetrate the unfortunate victims. These cruel plants simply immobilize their prey until it dies of starvation or is slaughtered by other predators.The largest carnivorous plants can devour an animal the size of an Earth hippopotamus, but are fairly rare. The strangest plants are the mobile omnivorous varities, which can creep several decimeters overnight. They not only eat animals, but can eat other plants and each other as well. Sometimes they give up their random grazing and engage in slow-motion deadly duels, eating one another. One theory is that this is a type of territorial behavior, while contrary opinion favors a mating competition. At any rate, we know from unfortunate experience that it is not smart to get between a pair of fighting plants.Scouting reports about this planet are flooding in.More information will undoubtedly be available in the near future.
animal life
captain xs
carnivorous plants
omnivorous plants
plant life
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Stirrings of War

9. may 2009, by elzilcho

"Order, order! All of you, silence! This isn't a war room, this is a discussion. We are in parliament, not a bloody Narlosian Cage match!" The war experienced Polug Mec General, Naerl Hytl, had fought in many bloody engagements during the Vengeance War, bred through the prejudice and hatred still left over from the Core conflicts. But never had he ever seen such chaos and pandemonium in a meeting of the nations, never in his long 300 year tenure. He banged the large gavel once again, and the room slowly returned to a level of acceptable peace. "Good, now we may possibly begin to speak. What is the matter, Thar?" Naerl spoke to Thar Molk, whose health had deteriorated rapidly over the last 10 years, and was at the moment sitting in a small sit chair to the main audience chamber, a private space for his greatness. Unfortunately, he could only enjoy it momentarily in between the coughing fits he was having. To everyone here, it was clear they were witnessing a dying legend."I, I wish to say. As brothers of this galaxy, we should not fight. What use is there? I fought many times, and it came to nothing. Remain close, remain allies, re-" he was cut off, as he coughed several times, and gestured that his talk was over. Naerl continued;"He is right. Druzall has stirred this conflict up, we needn't follow it through. I shall place a bounty on his head, and we shall work together to take this war criminal down. He seems to enjoy the smell of burning corpses, let us bring that smell to him; when we toast him alive to answer for his crimes!" A unanimous cheer sounded in the rooms, but Thar mumbled to himself the truth that everyone knew, was deep inside there hearts."War will come again. There is no doubt, nor was there ever any."
Thar Molk

To Bardo and Beyond 2

4. may 2009, by almanacs

His soul was restless. His heart was pumping. He had done what his spirit had demanded, yet still he felt compelled to do more. His mind was still racing to attain that goal that had brought him into his second life in the first place."Dreaming, again, are we?"Iza awoke to the stately room. Inside, he could see a large rectangular table. Senior old men were there. The entire admiralty of the space fleet was there. The room was mildly lighted. Not too bright, but not too dark. It was a warm presence. This contrasted with the space outside, which could be seen through the dozens of windows. There, beyond, lied a million stars to the naked eye as well as a space fleet to rival the greatest giants of enemies. Huge, monstrous vessels, thousands of man-heights across. "Relax, Grand Admiral Thorkas!" Said Admiral Duuk. "If it weren't for him, none of us would have been alerted to the enemy's presence. None of us would have ordered the energy shields to be kept to alertness. All our cities would have been decimated. It would just be you and me, and none of our race.""But he is still a child. Such a small child," voiced another."A child that saved our world." Said Iza's defender.The room was silent. They bowed their remarks, it seemed, as some of the admirals were genuinely grateful of Iza's impact. "Now," said Grand Admiral Thorkas, "let's move to the next topic. Are the escape ships ready?""They are almost done." Said another. "Good. We will need them if our battle with the enemy fails.'The time passed slowly. Iza paid attention the tactics, which he felt interested as well as the mundane things. At times like these, Iza could understand why the military system drew its power from all governments. The old electorate system with its elected officials became second place to the admiralty and its space fleet. At times like these, only Grand Admiral Thorkas knew what was best for the world, and his place was due to seniority. Seniority and wisdom.When the meeting was closed. Duuk asked Iza to stay.Iza relented behind. When all had left, Duuk spoke, "It seems my trust in your second life ideas were not in vain. It takes a strong man to control his body and mind. I cannot imagine what it takes for one to control his soul. What exactly is it that motivates yours to such a degree? What happened in your past life?"Iza said, "I can't say. All I know is that I feel something is very missing. I need to accomplish it but I don't know exactly what. I feel that it is very closely connected to this current war, and this current enemy.""Then you are here at the exactly the right time. Lucky are we. Your scores on military strategies in the university are profound. No genius scored higher. I cannot do anything but believe that you had a second life. What were you?""A general, I think.""Do you wish to go back to your past life? I - we - own you much already. Ishnue is not that far away. I can have a transport send you there.""It's alright, I don't want to see it, yet. Not until I reach ten." Iza smiled. "I like this place. We have a war to fight.""We need you, Iza. The admiralty needs you. This nation needs you."Iza nodded. "I feel that without this, I would never solve my own mystery.""Good, good! Luck has it that destiny has put us both in the same situation but different shoes. I wonder what it was in my past life that made it so." Said Admiral Duuk.Iza wanted to speak, but he held his joke back. It wasn't his place, yet, to belittle an admiral. He was still a seven year old boy, after all. He wasn't even worth a glimpse from the men in boots who roamed the tight corridors of the massive ship. Many times, people would wonder why he was he here. What senior official allowed his family to stay on board a national flagship, their expressions were.As if reading his mind, Admiral Duuk said, "Ah, and the president wishes to speak to you when he boards our flagship. He wishes to personally thank you for alerting us of the enemy's presence.""I'd be honored." Said Iza in his second life.---The time was passing and he drifted slowly. Day by day, he was getting older, but was he getting wiser? He eyed the space above him, around him. He was standing with gravitic boots on top, or actually on the belly of the warship. Below him was the admiralty and its staff. The president was there. It was the safest place. Even a city could be overwhelmed by a thousand nukes and its radiation shield would collapsed. Just the flagship could evade these nukes, or shoot them down, or run away. So it was the safest place to be. A large, roaming space creature that carried key decision makers of an entire nation within its steel belly.Iza could see other ships, not as great as his, but big nevertheless. They roamed space as well further away. His eyes were not made to see distances this far, and so the ships that he could see appeared small to him. Then everything suddenly shifted, as if the entire world around him moved. It was a mistake of mind. It was the ground beneath that moved, but just as those on a planet couldn't think of its own rotation but the rotation of the sky, so Iza couldn't tell even in his second life if it was his massive ship or the universe that grew legs.In a moment, there was a bluish haze coming from a section of the ship far away. It was odd to Iza, because normally if a part of a object spread light, that light could only be seen if nothing obstructed the source. Yet at this moment, he could see a haze. A haze only appeared if there was a gas element, inside an atmosphere. Then Iza realized. It was hyper plasma. The ship was venting hyperspace plasma that would enable it to hyperbubble itself into FTL. Yet, no one had bothered to check if anyone was still outside the ship's hull! Normally, there were procedures before a hyperspace bubble could be formed, but this was entirely irregular. There was only one man who could order such an action - Grand Admiral Thorkas.But none of this mattered if Iza didn't get inside in time! He spotted his exit a hundred man-heights away. He traveled the distance. The hyper bubbles were forming and they were getting bigger and bigger. He would make it, no doubt. But he could believe the risk. When he reached his entrance, he climbed through the hatch and closed it in time to hear all admirals gather in the meeting room. The airlock system took long, but eventually he was out of his spacesuit and speeding forward in his 7 year old body to the battlespace room. The hall ways of the ship were thin, so often times he would be splattered against adult men and women who were also running to their posts.When he reached meeting room, the meeting had already ended. Grand Admiral Thorkas came out, barely gave Iza a look, before being followed by his chief officials - all looking worried. Admiral Duuk came out, too, just as worried as the rest. He stopped when his eyes gathered on Iza. Duuk spoke, "I'm sorry, Iza. You have been assigned to a system post. You won't be with us on this mission.""What is it?""I can't say," Said Duuk."But it's impossible. I'm the one who knows more about military strategy than anyone in this fleet."Duuk smiled. "That's not what the rest of the admiralty thinks. You have been assigned a stationary post.""Who assigned me?""Grand Admiral Thorkas." Said Duuk upon seeing Iza's frown. "Be glad! At least you've been given command and responsibilities despite your small size and age! But unfortunately, you won't be seeing much action, I'm afraid. Farewell."And that was that. Iza looked upon himself in the reflection from the metallic hallway and watched as the admiralty spread itself out and disappeared within the decks of the flagship. He was going to be dumped on a system. He wouldn't see battle. He wouldn't meet his foe.
space opera war galactic monsters military strategy

The End of Depression and Suicide

4. may 2009, by spiritjoy

With the groww of th depression and suicide rate we believe that by the power of Love depression and be defeated and self harm. Your reality and books and galaxy will focus on this. Why has the suicide and depression rate increased despite the increase in antidepressants? The world is in many ways set up for us to fail. It is the community of Others that is a major step in the right direction. Science is showing that we are all connected on an energy level ..we will try to awake consciousness to thishttp://spirithappy.wordpress.com
self harm

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