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What's Galaxiki?

Galaxiki is a science fiction galaxy created, maintained and owned by its Community. Membership is free - sign up now and start editing stars, planets and moons, or get your own personal solar system.

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You may name and edit as many community stars and solar systems as you like. Would you like to get your own solar system that only you will be able to edit?

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Members: 7411
Stars: 1.1*106+
Registered stars: 59812
Black Holes: 5500+
Pulsars: 1400+
Neutron stars: 8100+
Forum messages: 10835
Movies and books: 344
Unique movies and books: 253

Yet another update...

19. june 2007, by galaxiki

The last software update caused some problems, some links on the site and in the account area didn't work anymore. This has now been fixed, so if you experienced problems with the site within the 48 hours please try again now! Thanks a lot to those who contacted us and told us about dead links, we appreciate your help!!!You may already know that you can dedicate a star or solar system to someone if you own it, and for the moment the site states that objects owned by the community cannot be dedicated - this will change with the final release on July 1st, community objects can then be dedicated to famous people. We will allow dedications to astronomers, physicians, scientists, as well as actors and even fictional characters. Community dedications will be discussed in the forums and put online by site administrators.

Galaxiki to be officially launched on Sunday, July 1st

15. june 2007, by galaxiki

Galaxiki is a web-based, free content virtual community project. It consists of a virtual galaxy with over a million stars and solar systems that can be explored using a 2-dimensional map. Each star, each planet and each moon represents one wiki page, the idea behind the project is that Galaxiki site members, also called "Galaxicians", can edit those pages and write fictional histories about them. Galaxiki's name is a portmanteau of the words "galaxy" and "wiki" (a type of collaborative website).The Galaxiki rules say that real world physics should be respected, but it also allows some popular exceptions known from most science fiction novels, such as traveling faster than light for example. This also implies that species inside the Galaxiki world can meet (at least if their solar systems are in a closer range), which is a challenge for Galaxicians as they have to make sure to eleminate inconsistencies. Science fiction stories on Galaxiki are currently published under the GNU Free Documentation License.Galaxiki membership, editing solar systems and using all other site features is free. To finance the project, solar systems can be "freed", which means that Galaxicians can make solar systems writable by making a small donation to the project. When a Galaxician "frees" a solar system he/she can decide if the system shall become open for the entire community, or if the system shall become a private project. In this case it is also possible to dedicate the star or solar system to someone. There is also a dedicated page for sponsors or advertisers, but there shall be only an absolute minimum of advertising to keep the site as clean as possible.Galaxiki was launched as a prototype on March 12, the official launch is planned for Sunday, July 1st 2007. It is already possible to sign up on, although editing stars, planets and moons will become operational on July 1st 2007.

Galaxiki - a fictional Galaxy anyone can edit

21. march 2007, by galaxiki

A new CorneliOS powered site is online, it's called Galaxiki and it's the first site to make use of the CorneliOS community features. But don't misunderpret this - it's not only a technological demo, it's a site that shall (hopefully) become a real living community home. Galaxiki is a combination of a virtual galaxy and a wiki - the galaxy contains starts, planets, moons and other objects, and each object has it's own wiki page that can be edited. The goal of the site is to create some new kind of a science fiction world: you can edit solar systems, write interesting stories about fictional life forms, let them interact aso... Many features of the site are already fully functional, but there's still some work to do... The wiki editor is not fully functional yet and the discussion boards are still missing for example - but most of these problems will be fixed until the end of March, and the real official launch is planned for eary April, so stay tuned!

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