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Untitled (At the moment)

June 04, 2011
by wert


It all began the day Karjan came into the office. I was working for some faceless multicorp on a backwater planet in the arse sector of nowhere quadrant so I was naturally quite happy to see him. We had been good friends back in our scholastic days but had lost contact when he had gone into finance and I had joined the ISF. So as soon as we had exchanged pleasantries I made my excuses to my supervisor (my fourth grandmother’s funeral naturally) and headed with him to the nearest cafebar.

We caught up over a drink; I didn’t have much to tell. I had left the ISF after a border skirmish about half a dozen revolutions back and had drifted around the spacelanes until my money ran out and I wound up working for the local multi. Karjan on the other hand had much to tell. He had quickly left finance after some shady dealings which had been recorded in the holopapers (much diluted of course). After that he told me he had a number of small jobs working for small companies in towards the core doing various assorted things mostly involving business planning before the core’s economy had gone tits up. After that he had begun to move outwards, gradually leaving the core behind taking worse and worse jobs as he went as he attempted to outrun the economic collapse. By the time he got to this system he was driving a gas transport spacecraft that was ironically out of gas. He had parked it up in orbit and taken the cheapest shuttle down planetside in order to pop into the multicorp where I worked in order to ask for a loan. And who should he meet when he came through the door but his old friend Jac Norbitt. Karjan had finished his third drink (which I had bought him) by the time he finished his story. I put down a tip for the waitress and we both headed back to my apartment.

My apartment was on the rougher side of town, down underneath the local flesh bar. Fortunately it was possible to access from outside via a small door behind the bins and boxes of an alleyway. Karjan and me headed down, got comfortable and had another drink. We began to reminisce about our days at school.

It would be easy to say that our childhoods were like how they always are written in stories, endless golden days playing in the outback; riding skid bikes across the dunes etc. etc. etc. but of course this was not the case. Large parts of my childhood were spent in school. My alpha school was a hard brick and slate building with high windows and run by archaic robots, (for it was the fashion thirty years ago to build schools and indeed most dwellings in an ancient style known by those in the known as Viktoreen). It was here me and Karjan had been educated in the ways of quantum arithmetic and galactic standard (language that is). GS lessons were always dull, going over the finer points of grammar and syntax with a robot is always tedious. When the robot is malfunctioning due to rust in the mechanical brain (s they often were) the tedium is much magnified, at the end of a day one often came away still believing that have not been done was the correct way to express the conditional future tense! Like I said it was tedious. Galactic history was my favourite subject. It seemed to me that one day I would be a famous space pirate or interstellar knight of the realm and I would go on grand adventures. Of course it didn’t work out that way.

Once we had reached 11 years old both I and Karjan were transferred to a cavernous beta school off world. This place was different to our good old alpha. Karjan and I were transferred to separate blocks and we spent most of beta apart Beta was little better than a penal colony, fights were common and stealing was rife. I was once struck with a klurfball stick and driven to the ground as I walked across the main quad. I passed out and when I awoke my ration coupons had been stolen. It was here that I completed my education.

By this point in our shared narrative, (I hadn’t been listening to Karjan’s anecdotes) we were both drunk. I was lounging on my bed with one leg cocked up on the wall and Karjan was sitting in my favourite chair smoking one of my prohib cigars and laughing merrily his face red and sweaty. The bastard I thought- the bastard. Coming here drinking my drink smoking my cigars and dragging up memories best left buried. I leapt up and rushed into the kitchen. Karjan fell silent. I poured myself a glass of water and listened to the walls hum, the flesh bar upstairs emitted the soft thump of bass through the ceiling. It would only get louder as the night went on. There was nothing else to do really. I went back into my other room and sat back down. I apologised to Karjan for something or other but the conversation would not flow again. We sat awkwardly in silence. Karjan had stumped out the prohib but the thick fumes still lingered in the room. The thick atmosphere perfectly complimented the silence between us. What a waste, I thought, what a waste. Just as I was sure Karjan was about to get up and leave me alone there was a knock on the door. We both looked at each other in shock. I grabbed the prohib and jammed it in my pocket. I was about to take the bottle of drink back to the kitchen when Karjan grabbed it and looked at me as if to say ‘I’ll take it.’ I let him and he quickly disappeared into the kitchen. There was another knock on the door and I slid open the latch and pulled open the door gingerly. Outside stood a trim Zionite in a trench-coat and a bunch of tough looking Canthin in black. The Zionite looked at me and said in a clipped steady tone:

“Mr Norbitt, we have intelligence that you have a convicted criminal in your home. Mind if we look around?”

science fiction

A Beginning

June 03, 2011

It has been over 12 petaseconds since the catastrophe, and the Entity is reaching the end of its life.

Moving through the darkness of the Universe from experiment to experiment, the Entity feels its grip on awareness fading as more and more of its mind recombines and drifts away as neutral hydrogen. Not content with going quietly, plasma appendages kiloparsecs in length move through the hydrogen and helium sea, locally modifying and manipulating the fundamental parameters of the Universe. The changes are minor and short-lived. Each one may only last a few tens of gigaseconds, but after thousands of permutations, the Entity knows it is getting close.

Finally, with a burst of neutrinos and the production of lithium, beryllium, and other elements never seen before, the Entity knows it has been successful. The problem of self-sustaining the reaction is simpler to solve - local seeding of the gravity field with excess dark matter can be offset by non-local dark energy application. The long term consequences of such an action become unpredictable beyond a few exaseconds, but the shorter term stability of the Universe is a fair trade-off for the Entity to make. Besides, with the re-introduction of large levels of plasma, existence for the Entity is possible, even if it is not a recognizable form.

The Entity reaches out with its mind farther than it had dared to before. With all observable space filled, the change is instant, though it will be a long time before the first stars form. The Entity wonders if it will still be around to see them light up.

The Entity wonders how much longer it will be alone.


The Cosmic Psychic Speaks

May 20, 2011

O-yes-she-did!!! In the midst of the hundreds of scientist gathered to discuss the impending alignment of the thirteen planets with their star, Moshmoss, an event unknown in Papillian history, Ulla Permount rose and loudly addressed the key speaker.

"You are wrong, Dermaster Henprick. The planets will never have a chance to align as a rogue asteriod is destined to crash into the planet, Herroaria. The planet will be destroyed and the upheavel and imbalance in gravity will disrupt our entire star system. I've come only to warn all of you. I fear there is nothing anyone or anything can be done to prevent this."

An em-boiled mix of chuckles, grumbles, gasps, frowns and skeptical hisses waved through the crowd. Dermaster Henprick remained composed, but confused as to what this insane female was up to, and was quick to reply.

"I assume you can back up your statement with sound facts, Madame?" A crooked smile engineered itself across the face of swollen fat inflated in preparation for the soon to arrive long sparse winter.

"Not for your satisfaction, Dermaster. I can give you nothing else...They know!" Well, she really only knew that when she came to the assembly to give warning of the event which was to come, she would not be believed. She had not prepared a retort to the logical questions which she realized would be directed her way. She had only hoped that improvisation would give her the wisdom to repond in a believable manner. "I am not a scientist, but a psychic. Let me explain..."

Above the loud jeers she continued, "In the Universe there are great rivers of anti-matter which converge and flow driven by currents of dark energy in which the galaxy clusters glide. Among these currents swim...well, I'll say creatures, not that I have seen them...but they have contacted me in my mind. They know all things. They have told me of the impending disaster to Herroaria..."

The explosion of boos and whistles silenced her, and Dermaster Henprick dismissed her with suggesting that such a discussion take place at another time. So the meeting ended in a quiet manner after further discussion of the planetary alignment, but the media frenzy that followed Ulla's interruption spread worldwide.

So, the story of the "Cosmic Psychic" was told and retold and had hardly reached its peak when it was announced that a rare asteroid had ineed entered the realms of their star system. Dermaster Henprick was the first to announce that with study and analysis the asteroid would in no way hit any planet. In fact, its trajectory would take the hunk of metals and gases to a fiery death when impacted with Moshmoss. Of course, he had added a little a dig by stating that the cosmic psychic's "cosmic-mermaids" had perhaps gotten their facts wrong.

Well, it was indeed a tremendously large object and much discussion arose as to its make-up. Nearly every telescope on the planet tracked its path, however, many of the inner plants had moved closer to alignment and obscured their target. As the spectacular blast of the object's convergence with Moshmoss's raging temperatures was considered the end to the alien interloper, attention reverted to the impending alignment of the the thirteen planets.

Hah! They were too quick in their judgment for shortly from the far side of Moshmoss was hurled, like an ember from an unguarded hearth, a fireball so big, so bright that it soon became visible to the naked eye.

So, now, they await the fireball's collision with Herroaria. It would be a bulls-eye by all calculations. The results and affects of the impact were greatly prophesied by every major scientist, but Ulla Permount's only comment was, "THEY know!"


The Slime Lords Are Coming

February 02, 2011

It was G'Rngh day for dBBl948, the time in each vRdlb's life when they wore their first host. DBBl948's creche overseers looked on as dBBl948 readied itself for the transition from gloppy, slime lord to host wearer.

DBBl948 had selected this host from the many available on the family farm. It was young, healthy and female. DBBl948 had decided to be female for its first host wearing, wanting to contribute to the farm stock right away and thus dispense its obligation to produce more host stock quickly. This would be seen as a responsible, mature decision by the overseers and could only help it to achieve its desire to attain wanderer status and spread its spore to the stars.

The host was strapped to the floor, her arms and legs clamped securely to prevent her from running about inside the hosting cell and injuring herself or a vRdlb. Hers eyes were wide with fear, her body quivering, she had already soiled herself and the floor beneath her. DBBl948 knew this was a common occurrence amongst the hosts whenever they were subjected to great stress. DBBl948 ignored the mess and instead concentrated upon the body that would soon be its home. The female was attractive by the standards of the male farm animals, shapely breasts, thin muscular frame and sufficiently wide hips that would ensure many successful breedings before the body was worn beyond usability. DBBl948 had been significantly involved in the care and nurture of this particular animal having noticed its athletic ability and stamina while still young, dBBl948 ensured that it was provided many opportunities to develop its physique in the manner that dBBl948 desired.

DBBl948 signaled its readiness to begin. An overseer removed the neural filament net that allowed communication between vRdlb and host wearers. An opening appeared at the bottom of dBBl948's tank, it slid into the opening and down the tube that had been positioned above the prone, naked host's body. The host began to scream when she heard the ominous click that signaled the opening of the tank. DBBl948 flowed down the tube and was gently deposited upon the host's quivering belly, dBBl948 initiated G'Rngh by secreting the hormones that caused its gelatinous body to thin and spread out upon the ripe, curvaceous body of its host. Soon she was covered in slime, from head to toe every pore every orifice was suffused with the essence of dBBl948. The slimy substance sought its way into and between the cell walls of its host, finding and suppressing nerve cells that would otherwise have fired electric messages of intense pain to the host's brain stem. Having suppressed the host's pain signaling nerve cells dBBl948 then went on to produce an analgesia for the host's brain. Her fear was calmed by dBBl948's chemical gift. The assimilation would now begin in earnest as dBBl948 adjusted itself to the neural pathways of it host.

The family farm held many different species, each of them suitable host material. The girl that dBBl948 had chosen came from a small slender species that had thin skin, no claws or fangs to speak of and soft, delicate feet completely unsuitable for long journeys by foot. But dBBl948 wasn't looking for a warrior host, its plans did not include planetary invasions and native subjugation. Its family farms were well stocked with the finest animals in this part of the galaxy. This particular species was prized not for its physical attributes but for its plasticity of thought. An especially intelligent host is a good thing to have. An intelligent host that yields innovative thought can propel an ambitious dBBl948 to wanderer status and then to progenitor status in less than 1/1000th of a turning.

The family library has the history of the host species. The species which called itself agaran had just been in the early stages of exploring its solar system when dBBw853 ancestor to dBBl948 had followed the type of radio waves that signaled the presence of semi-sentient beings. The agaran were very resourceful in their efforts to evade captivity and had often caused the invasion team quite a bit of difficulty. There had even been talk that the agaran may actually be fully sentient but that nonsense was quickly squashed once the agaran world had been subjugated and its animals collected and shipped home to dBBw853's family farms. The agaran world itself was given as a gift of f'ulu to aAA+008 the first of our kind to wear a host. The agaran species proved to be tremendously resourceful and full of vitality as well as fecund. Many families buy this species from our farms making our family one of the wealthiest in the sector. My ancestor dBBw853 earned the position name dBBp853 which allowed it to create our current family line separate from its progenitor's family line. One day I too will become a progenitor but first the stars beckon me.

Although it is frowned upon, we do allow this species to learn speech, writing and mathematics. I know, it invites escape attempts and is generally a dangerous thing to do but my family wants to encourage this species' native intelligence in order to make them more useful hosts. Occasionally this species will produce offspring that are not very intelligent. These we separate and breed amongst each other. It is these lesser intelligent animals that we sell to other families. Even the lesser intelligent of this species is still far brighter than the ikruk, dongal and l'Ipu species which are all popular species among the families.

Finally, assimilation is complete. The animal's innate limb movement control, autonomous musculature control and even the non-voluntary control of its internal organs are now all under my control. I open our eyes, the analgesia has worn off and she begins to panic. I soothe her mind with endorphins, I calm her breathing and slow her heart, I stimulate the primal pleasure center in her brain. She moans in delight and awakens with full and accepting awareness that she is now my animal clothing which I will wear until her body can no longer maintain itself. I am now Ka'vRdlb, host wearer and my name position is dBBh948 newly born from the slime lord vats I am now free to walk the surface of this world and any others of my choosing.

science fiction

New Features in the KBW

January 24, 2011

There are two new pages in the KBW:

There is now a page cataloging known black holes oddly enough, it is titled Black Holes. It has community owned black holes, personal black holes and black holes that are available for purchase.

There is also a Galaxiki maps page curiously titled Maps.

black holes


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