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Planet seeder

January 09, 2008

Miles of space.

Miles and miles of space.

Around me darkness.

Fifteen years, my journey has taken.

Seventeen more till the end.

I can see my destination.

I always could.

It is only slightly more than a dot.

After me, the other ships come.

My job is to seed.

My job is to make ready.

The colony comes.

planet. seeder

Incredible: Turkish Star Wars Clone, One Of The Worst Movies Ever

January 07, 2008

There are many bad sci-fi movies, and for many years movie addicts even considered Ed Wood's "Plan 9 From Outer Space" to be the worst movie of all times. But "Plan 9" is still a pretty good movie when compared to "Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam", a film commonly known as "Turkish Star Wars".

The official film poster already indicates how awful this movie must be (it's probably also one of the worst movie posters ever created), and when I first saw it I though it should be a hoax or something alike, as such a silly poster wouldn't likely exist. But this thing is real, and it's so bad that it got what it deserves: cult status!

So here are the facts:

Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam ("The Man Who Saves the World") was released in 1982, while Turkey was in the midst of massive political upheaval. US movies were hard to acquire, and so the stories of popular US movies were more or less copied and remade with turkish actors. As there was no money for expensive settings or special effects they simply bootlegged (copied) original scenes from popular US movies (notably many scenes from the original Star Wars movie) and mixed them with their own material (quite randomly).

The soundtrack is entirely copied from US movies, primarily Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones), Moonraker, Ben Hur, Flash Gordon, Battlestar Galactica, Planet of the Apes, Silent Running and The Black Hole. The story doesn't make much sense, the monsters look absolutely silly, the acting is horrible. Apparently they also wanted it to be a martial arts movie, but the fighting scenes are hilarious.

The story was written by Cüneyt Arkın, a well-known Turkish actor who also played to main character in the movie. It's about the adventures of two comrades, Murat and Ali, whose ships crash on a desert planet. They then have to fight tons of ridiculous monsters and zombies, as well as an evil wizard who wants to defeat the Earth. Ali gets killed, and Murat finds a magic sword he'll need to fight the villains. At a certain point Ali then gets "super-jumping boots" and he starts jumpin'around all the time, which becomes quite annoying after a few minutes... At the end of the movie Ali kills the evil wizard.

The Turkish Star Wars movie has a strong fan base - on 15 December 2006 a sequel was released, but most fans were disappointed as it was more a comedy movie than a sci-fi film (although you may consider the original movie to be an unintentional comedy too...)

The following YouTube video shows about 9 minutes of the movie's ending, and I think you should watch it as I'm sure you haven't seen anything like this before:


The First Ones

January 02, 2008

“From looking around the galaxy it is becoming apparent that there are ruins/mysterious devices etc that are very old scattered around. Are these from the same race (Hypothetically I've called them the first ones) or are they from different races? Are they now extinct, ascended, gone to the rim, or hiding in the event horizon of a black hole?

Do we need a coherent design for this race or is it best left as a mystery?

Any thoughts would be welcome”


forum entry 2007-09-28

Since Emmbee’s observation, further evidence of the First Ones has surfaced throughout the Galaxiki. In some instances, the evidence is a lone ancient device or even the relics of a race still extant. In most of the cases, authors have independently elaborated on what Emmbee found. Placing ruins and mysterious devices everywhere, and in the process, forming a prehistory for this fictional galaxy.

A Galaxiki search for “ruins”, turns up a number of interesting entries.

Check out the Reindaal System, where the architectural remains of at least one civilisation can be found on Castaigne and Shaggai. The ruins on Castaigne date back 500 million years, and those on Shaggai are undoubtedly related. These were the oldest ruins I could find, putting this system high in the running for oldest inhabited system.

Since Shaggai is also home to an unnamed spacefaring, insectile race, perhaps their ancestors are the First Ones? Further exploration of Shaggai is definitely warranted.

Or maybe the insectile race of Shaggai migrated from another system?

Jumplight over to the Noranthed system, where one finds the oft ignored planet Nemgthed. Despite it’s boring reputation, Nemgthed is where you will find mystical remnants of an ancient and advanced race destroyed in nuclear fire. Now the planet is home only to small plants and “insect life”.

A coincidence possibly, until you examine the history of neighbouring Mectis, whose lizard-like overlords possess an ancient spherical weapon scavenged from a “long dead planet”. The dead planet remains unnamed.

The Mectisorans are not the only contemporary race in possession of ancient artifacts. Consider planet Terragon in the Lumina system. The Luminoids have a long and bloody history, but much of it was erased by the tyrant Borgos.

Nonetheless, the Luminoids have prospered from the use of technologies culled from Terragon’s ancient cities. Strange stone and metal artifacts etched with lost writings, imbued with strange powers. Some claim these devices are even capable of raising the dead.

The list goes on and on:

A titanic, antediluvian computer discovered in the Icarusopia system. Laboring for eaons to calculate the root of zero.

In the Sanctum system, Ganite scientists are exploring a cyclopean temple and it’s extensive underhalls on planet Haunt.

Evidence of a system wide conflagration and a “advanced reptilian species” in system VEC964.

Chancel is another annihilated system with the imprint of an ancient and advanced species, now departed.

And on Aeonipater, in the Naxiprimus system, a single menacing phrase. Blasted into the very planet’s surface.

“If you continue to oppress us, you will face the consequences.”

One could draw connections between every one of these systems, but that would be conjecture. We still don’t know much about the First Ones, and cannot definitively answer Emmbee’s questions.

Here’s what we do know.

Millions of years ago, Galaxiki was home to one, or more, highly advanced, spacefaring races. We call them the First Ones.

The First Ones are gone, probably destroyed.

Finally, something separates the current civilisations from that one. A gulf in knowledge, a Dark Age. We occasionally stumble upon their vestiges, and sometimes manage to use their tools, but their story eludes us.

the First Ones

Happy Apollo 8 Day!

December 21, 2007

On this day, December 21, 1968, the first manned mission to the moon took off from Cape Canaveral. Apollo 8 carried Frank Borman James Lovell, Jr., and William Anders into orbit around the moon. Three days later, on Christmas Eve, the space ship entered orbit around our only natural satellite. They were the first humans to be able to see the dark side of the moon. The Apollo module orbited 10 times, taking pictures and television footage before returning to Earth orbit. On December 27, 1968, they returned to earth in a splashdown into the Pacific Ocean.

Apollo 8 dark side moon module

A Tribute To Captain Future

December 20, 2007

Captain Future is science fiction character invented by writer Edmond Hamilton. Captain Future first became popular during the 1940's when stories about the character were published in pulp magazines, later on he got his own magazine and finally he got cult status after the anime series was produced in the late 1970's.

Captain Future's real name is Curtis Newton. His parents, Roger and Elaine, were both scientists, they left Earth in 1990 to work in a secret lab on the moon. When their old friend and fellow scientist Simon Wright finally died, his healthy brain was being transplated by Roger into an artificial floating case. Together they then build a robot and an android called Grag and Otho (which may have inspired George Lucas when he created C3PO and R2D2, as they are fulfilling much the same role).

One day, an evil scientist called Victor Kaslan detected the secret lab on the moon and killed Roger and Elaine. Their son Curtis remained all alone on the moon and was grown up by Otho, Grag, and Simon Wright. Curtis became a brilliant scientist with a strong sense of responsibility who now wants to help people and to protect them against villains. As he's a very shy person he decides to work under the alias "Captain Future".

Captain Future's archenemy is Ull Quorn, son of Victor Kaslan (the man who murdered Future's parents).

The famous japanese anime series was produced in 1978, one year after Edmond Hamilton's death. The 52 episodes are considered to be excellent adoptions of the Hamilton's literary work and the series became a huge success in Japan, Europe (Germany, France, Italy, ...) and Latin America, but only 8 episodes were ever translated in english and thus the Captain Future animation series remained quite unknown in the US and the UK.

The German version used a completely new soundtrack created by composer Christian Bruhn, it is considered cult in Germany and other countries and is still used in TV shows on many occasions even today.

captain future


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