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Double star systems are available now

October 24, 2007

The most often requested feature has finally become available: Double star systems are online, and you can edit them right away! For the moment all double star systems are "Type P" systems, which mean that both stars are located in the center of the system. "Type S" systems and systems with more than 2 stars shall follow soon.

Just explore that galaxy and I'm sure you'll find some really cool double star systems - if you're looking for double star systems allowing life then take a look at some examples here: PCK685, QKH205, TAE134, MGG008, SHD293, PBJ915, SEA594 (yes, there are double star systems with more than one planet allowing life too!)

There are also a lot of double systems with much bigger stars, even if most of them don't allow life on their planets, such as QFD694, VBJ799 or VKK696 for example.

I'm sure this is what many site members have been waiting for, so enjoy the new systems and write cool stories 😀

Galactical regards

Jos Kirps

Say Hello to our new Community Blog !!!

October 22, 2007

Well here it is, our redesigned community page featuring the all new community blog. "Community" means that all members of this site can now post messages here, so YOU decide what our community page will be about and what it will look like.

You can write about anything you want, as long as it's either related to stars, planets, moons, stories or anything else on this site, or to related subjects such as science fiction, movies, books, science, physics, astronomy, eclipses, space exploration, software, sites, or space related news for example. Write whatever you think could be interesting for our members and site visitors (but take care not violate any copyrights of course...).

To post a message here, simply log into your account (or sign up if you're not a member yet) and take a closer look at your user account page, you'll find a new section entitled "Community Blog" where you can instantly post new messages that will instantly appear right here in this blog!

I hope you like the new community page and this new feature, so have fun ;-)


science fiction
space exploration

September News

September 27, 2007

Wiki / Knowledge Base is now available

The wiki / knowledge base is now available. It's basically a wiki that can be edited by all site members, and it shall contain any site related information as well as articles about science, science fiction, books, movies, series, authors and everything else that's Sci-Fi related.

All texts are published under the GFDL (GNU Free Documentation License), the same Wikipedia uses. Our wiki is still all new and rather empty, so it's waiting for you to get some valuable input.

Image uploading, display and and art galery

Uploaded images are now displayed on the solar system and planetary pages, and you'll also find a "galery" tab on the community page to display all images at once.

Some users had problems uploading their images during the past few weeks. Most problems should be fixed now, and the software now offers more details if and error occurs. Report problems in the forums if they persist.

Allow the community to edit your solar systems

Some people own solar systems, but never find the time to edit them. Therefore it's now possible to allow the community to edit a solar system you personally own, simply click onto the "people" icon(s) on you account page to toggle between editing permission settings.

Making gifts and donations

From now on it's not only possible to purchase your own solar system, you may also buy a star and offer it to the community, to another Galaxician or to anybody else.

Using these features is quite simple: just buy the star and then click onto the "heart" icon on your account page to offer it to someone.

Download an ownership certificate

Finally it's also possible to download an ownership certificate if you purchased a star. Simply click onto the PDF icon on your account page and your certificate will be downloaded. The PDF document should be printable in both US Letter and European A4 formats.

Physics engine updates

One of the most often requested things is an improved physics engine. We're working on it, and several changes have already been made, such as updated moons and updated z-coordinates for example. Double star systems will also become available (see below), and we'll make some physical properties editable too (be patient, we're working on it...).

Double star systems are on the way!

One of the most often requested features are multiple star systems, and we're working on it !!!! I won't promise anything, but expect them to become available somewhere in October.

User communication will become available soon...

Another "most wanted feature" is an internal mailing feature that will allow to send private messages to other Galaxicians. We're working on this too, but I'm quite sure that this will only become available AFTER the multiple star stuff has been completed (maybe late October or somewhere in November).

New features, searching and image uploads

August 14, 2007

The galaxy browser now also focuses on interesting solar systems on the second zoom level, and stars owned by the community or site users are now highlighted so that it's becoming much easier to find interesting solar systems.

Many users still didn't notice the new search feature which allows to find solar systems and site members - it has been finetuned within the last few days.

Updated editor and working image uploads

Most star and planet editor features are working now, values compared to the Sun, the Earth and Jupiter have been finetuned and the wiki display pages have been updated to display some of the new information.

It's now also possible to upload images, you may currently upload one JPEG image in 640 x 360 pixel format for each star and each planet. I found a really cool free tool that allows to create photorealistic images of planetary surfaces, maybe this could be helpful:

The neighbors tab now highlights stars owned by site members or the community, and the new zoom out feature allows to view a much larger area of the galaxy. This may be very useful when looking for interesting stars in your neighborhood, or when trying to find user or community stars close to your current position.

From now on a new experimental mailing service is running, so you may get Galaxiki tips and tricks via e-mails from time to time, covering the most often asked questions about the site.

You never get the time to read our mails or you think they're annoying? Well, here's the solution:

If you don't want to get Galaxiki newsletters or tips and tricks any more, just log into your account, select your profile and disable the desired options. Tips and tricks e-mails can also be disabled by clicking onto the unsubscription link in the mail footer.

Free movies & books management software for all site members

July 30, 2007

In August we'll release a new free service/software that will allow all site users to enter and manage their movies (DVDs, VHS tapes, ...) and books directly on It's a shared database, you will be able to search your movies and book collections, you will be able to rate and recommend movies and books to other site members and you'll be able to find Galaxicians with similar interests.

Entering new movies and books will be amazingly fast as we're using Amazon's database to collect all information, and you'll be able to enter as many records as you like, it's completely free and it's to even limited to science or science fiction!

A beta version of the service will become available within the next few days, and discussions (feedback, suggestions, bug reports) can be found in the forums (same procedure as usual, a dedicated topic has been created).


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