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Tintin at Moon

July 01, 2009

"This is Tintin. I am the first person to reach moon ever". And then Snowy the dog and Captain Haddock follow. Calculus comes later - he dose not care about the fame of beingthe frist, he is more interested to discoevr the depths of science!

Such a sentence as the first one gives me a huge thrill every time I read the book. I wish to declare some day, "This is Fred, and I am the zero-th person to step onto the moon".

I would beat Tintin to the moon. Can you?


Hey there! ThPensator is using Twitter.

June 18, 2009

Wiederentdeckt wurde Mark Powers im Januar 2004. Der Autor Heinz Wipperfürth veröffentlichte im Hamburger Capricornus Verlag M. Fritzsche seine Hommage „Die Sternseherin von Gedd“ auf die längst vergessen geglaubte Heftserie. Der Roman erschien unter gleichem Titel noch einmal im Mohlberg Verlag im Juni des gleichen Jahres in der Reihe SIRIUS EXCLUSIV.

Im November 2004 brachte die Hary-Production innerhalb der Heftserie ad astra den Titel „Die Woodstock-Verschwörung“ von Th. Pensator unter Verwendung der Charaktere aus der Mark Powers-Serie heraus (ad astra 64). Dort erschien dann im Mai 2005 mit ad astra 69 „In der Hölle von Calcifer“ ein weiterer Titel, der ebenfalls von Th. Pensator geschrieben wurde.

Th. Pensator in Wapedia

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Countdown für den LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter)



May 26, 2009

As the ship approached the small planet, all eyes turned to the multitude of monitors. The vessel was perhaps five times larger than the colorful orb, and as it eased into alignment it left the planet in darkness.

The crew members were in need of a little relaxation as the war had gone on for so long a time. Fresh from victory in one of the most hard fought battles of the campaign, a little R&R seemed a good idea. So why not toy with the inhabitants of this out-of-way planet? Yea,yea, could make a case that the idea was cruel, unjust, well, even moronic, but until one has witnessed the astonishment and confusion stirred up by the arrival of super-duper space vessel...

"Now, look at that dumb ass trying to hide behind that rock. It's no bigger than the pimple on my butt," laughed the gunner-first-class.

"We don't need to hear about your butt, Gunner," retorted the gunner-mate.

"Yikes!" the media engineer shouted, "That creature just ran his vehicle off the bridge. Guess someone should have posted a sign saying, "CAUTION. SPACESHIP OVERHEAD."

Laughter rippled through the enormous craft, and rumbled to a crescendo as more and more events unfolded as the hysterical inhabitants of the planet tried to make sense of the weird object which now obliterated the sky.

"Commander, we're being scanned. Should I enable the shield?"

"Squat, no. Let them figure out we're about ten times larger than they are. That ought'ta put a little fear in their heads," the Commander answered between gaffs of laughter as the monitors flashed scene after scene of the chaos the ship's arrival had unleashed.

"Oooooo...look. They've launched a squadron of evil looking war planes. I'm scared!" the gunner-mate mocked.

"Idiots! Those things couldn't reach the altitude needed to launch any kind of missile that could reach us," the gunner-first-class responded while shaking his head from side to side. "Can't we get any audio?"

"Sorry," the media engineer intoned. "The translator doesn't recognize the language. All we'd hear is gibberish. Of course, we might pick up all the crashing, banging and screaming."

"Commander, we've just been advised an enemy ship has entered Quadrant 9, Layer 32 of the Emerius Constellation. We've been ordered to attack."

"Squat! Why can't the damn war give us a few minutes of down-time. Set the coordinates. All crew ready their stations." The Commander sighed.

The life form of the planet left behind would never recover from the alien ship's visit. Once an inquisitive civilization prone to reach beyond its sphere to discover the wonders of the Universe, and with an ingrained belief that it's species was master of all, was now demoralized. The general belief that there might well be more intelligent creatures among the stars was prevalent, but not one theory had ever been proposed that there may be creatures of such a gigantic size.


The Beginning of the Fall, and the rise

May 26, 2009

The fall of the Children mainly stemmed from their bad decision to ship all their ships to the main theaters of war. In hindsight, this may seem stupid, but from the remaining records we can tell this decision was heavily influenced by the semi-legendary Temporal project.

This supposedly told the future. However, it seems that this future, due to the way they tried to avert it, was not to be, and that the future changed when they sent their ships away. By the time the treachery occurred, it was too late; the Fleets of the League were already on their way.

It was during this period that the Reeal Region wars began, with Westwind withdrawing from the League and allying itself with Ale-Tura and the Children. By this period, the Star was already becoming known as the Windstar, and the former name Ettin had started to fall from regular use, with Windstar more associative.

The Reeal Region wars, which lasted long after the Iron Alliance had been defeated, were spawned mainly by the United Princedoms of Eastwind, Westwind, and New Republic of Canthin (which was in truth nearer the Republican region, but was a principle aggressor in the wars before the Ale-Turan sponsored revolution).

Lord Kra Kra, still full of vigor due to their fanaticism with the Reeal Religion, fought both sides, attacking after the Children began to collapse after the preliminary attacks

The involvement of the League in the war is often accredited to the fact that there was no opposition to such an attack. This is often cited as the reason the vote was not to abstain from becoming involved. The influence of Hareen would have insured either, due to its close association to the Creeowa enclave. Without the fleets to dissuade them, both United Princedoms of Eastwind and the New Republic were sure they could win, despite the unusually high Ale-Turan presence in the area.

In truth, they probably would have won as well, if not for Lord Kra Kra and Westwind both. The Ale-Turans themselves were suffering from leadership problems and chaos in light of the surprise attacks on their local fleets, which devastated them, and the treachery of Jolinjer, which ensured both the destruction of over half of the local forces at Windstar and the deaths of many of the Ale-Turan high command.

One other thing may be said to contribute to the defeat of the Iron Alliance; the successor states to the Children. These managed, often without help from any other nation, to cobble together defense forces to whittle down the forces of the Iron Alliance, when they were not actually allied to them themselves.

The major of these can be considered the Delanans, but this is often considered incorrect, as the Delanans at this point were not independent, but still trying to hold the Children together to await the return of the main fleets.

The Chaos wars themselves are often cited to begin here, but in truth, they really started when the Iron War did, despite many saying the Iron war was a separate thing.

All of this contributed to the defeat of the Iron Alliance in this region, although many of them survived the surrender of the majority of the forces in the other fronts, and continued to fight on, although often as not independent.

It is of course, another matter on the Khanate and Ale-Turan fronts. Those actually had intact super powers to offset the Iron Alliance forces. The Khanate rebels had very little in the way of bases, and the Ale-Turans managed to defeat Jolinjer and the Pirates forces without any real help…

from the “Rise of Westwind” by Kreeos Hreeow


The ships came suddenly, appearing in orbit of the gas giant that was their target. The jump was reckless, but so was everything else about this mission. No sooner than they had arrived than they had fired their salvoes at the skycities. The local defenses tried to feebly fire back, but the ships sped away, their salvoes spent. They laughed as they maneuvered out of the way of the missiles, and the few that did hit did little damage except to destroy a few ships.

The missiles from the attackers sped in, smashing into the massive Skycities. Their homing beacons set for the massive anti-grav drives. Some missed, many didnt.

Most had been targeted at one, single skycity, and a few extra accurate missiles, delivered at the last minute from Jolinjer in view of the last minute alliance, hit the most important targets.

The ones going after the Houses of the People and Clergy hit while it was in session.

The ships in orbit began to make their way back in system, some microjumping inwards, now that the defense web had had its missiles depleted. They targeted the remaining platforms, and blew them to hell, them they closed to finish the job.

On board one faltering Skycity, from one badly damaged mansion, its several thousand strong staff mostly lying dead, its art works shredded, a message went out. Set by the dying ambassador of the Ale-Turans.

“emergency to all who hear this, the Children government has fallen. The league of independent nations has allied itself to Iron Fist. I repeat, the…”


Grand Admiral Jenis smiled as he climbed onto his bridge. The fleets he had with him would be more than enough to secure the New Republic. And then this region would be secure. The Westwinders, the Children, the single Grand fleet, the 74th, and the light navy ships, and finally the small fleet of Jolinjer ships that had arrived and offered their assistance, should be enough to deal with the Eastwinders.

His smile disappeared when he read the message from command. Dear god, what he left those ships to?!?


In reality, the 74th had already been defeated. The fleet had been one of the last on the register for new equipment, and the Jolinjer ships had quite a lot of new equipment, some of which had been given to Eastwind. The two had pinned the Ale-Turan ships between them, and blown them to hell.

The Westwinders had managed to claw their way out of there. The Children had discovered that they too were trapped, and many of them had thrown in with Westwind, who managed with their help to starve off the attacks from Eastwind and the Iron Alliance.

Two months later, help arrived, in the form of the Lord Kra Kra fanatics. Of course, they attacked both sides, but it gave them a sigh of relieve.


The most ironic thing about the fall of the Children was that, that year, the total amount of trade shifted, and the total revenues, surpassed the Ale-Turans.

Iron Fist 2

HYPNOT - The Green Planet

May 21, 2009

Sci-Fi Writing Project


Being an acccumulation of scouting report records for Planet HYPNOT in the star system SHINE, located in an arm of spiral galaxy NGC1300.

The galaxy NGC1300 (also known as “Galaxiki”) is a Hubble-type spiral galaxy with twin massive spiral arms. NGC1300 is located on the other side of the universe from our own galaxy, the Milky Way. It is a Hubble-type spiral galaxy with two massive spiral arms. The arms extend out more than 4,000 light-years from the center of the galaxy. According to the Big Bang theory, the expansion of space started with a point explosion about 13.7 billion (13,700,000,000) years ago. After a cosmic inflation period of about 400,000 years, the universe steadily expanded and became cooler and less dense. The first stars appeared after about 400 million years. Since then , through their mutual gravity the stars gathered themselves into galaxies, the galaxies into clusters, and the clusters into superclusters. There are more than one hundred billion (100,000,000,000) galaxies in the universe, each containing hundreds of billions of stars. The galaxy NGC1300 is about 8 billion years old and contains more than 100 billion (100,000,000,000) star systems, with uncounted numbers of planets, civilizations, and stories to be told.

One of those stories is the history of the solar system WDB227, named SHINE and located way out on one of the twin spiral arms of galaxy NGC1300. The star SHINE is a very newly discovered solar system. It was discovered by Scout Ship 01 (“Madeline”) from the Exploration Mothership “Kathleen.” SHINE is a mature red dwarf star with 8 planets. Altogether, these 8 planets have 282 moons! Most of the planets and moons are too cold or too hot or too small to support life. Only one of the eight planets, WDB227.1, is capable of hosting lifeforms. WDB227.1 is the innermost of the 8 planets orbiting this star. It has been confirmed that there is indeed life on WDB227.1. What we know so far is that life on this planet is highly developed and carbon-based. WDB227.1 has two unexplored moons, both of which may also be capable of supporting life. The planet WDB227.1 has been named “HYPNOT” by its discoverer, a Writing Project Krewe Member. Although the “t” in HYPNOT is slient (French, pronounced “heep-noe”), it is more often mispronounced by English-speaking astronauts with a “not” instead of “no” on the end (“hip-not”).

Planet HYPNOT has a moderate average temperature (19C), much like that of Earth. The diameter of the planet is also very similar to Earth’s. Approximately 55% of HYPNOT’s surface is land mass, distributed fairly evenly over five continents. Two of these continents are on the polar caps, while the other three are roughly evenly-spaced around the equator. All five of the continents are more elliptical than irregular in shape, although one of the equatorial continents (Etaos) is more elongated that the other two, reaching almost from polar cap to polar cap. Compared to Earth’s 29% land surface, HYPNOT has twice the land area and about 70% of the water surface. HYPNOT’s atmosphere, however, is quite different from Earth’s. It is composed mostly of nitrogen and oxygen, but with much more oxygen. The oxygen concentration is 38%, as opposed to Earth’s 21%. Due to the different content of atmospheric gases and dust, the air and water look green instead of blue. If Earth is the Blue Planet, then HYPNOT is the GREEN PLANET! More importantly, the carbon dioxide level (1.0%) is about 26 times that of Earth’s atmosphere! This has greatly influenced the evolution of carbon-based life on the planet. Oxygen is nourishing to carbon-based animal life, while carbon dioxide is basically plant food. So both animal life and plant life are promoted highly by HYPNOT’s atmosphere, relative to Earth’s air. Metabolic rates on the planet are much higher than on Earth, resulting in a continuous explosion of life. Because of this, the biomass burden of the planet’s surface land and water is very much greater than Earth’s. This intensity of life on HYPNOT can be seen in the extensive array of bizarre lifeforms discovered by our explorers. Life on HYPNOT will undoubtedly be the subject of many future reports in this series.


Planet HYPNOT, the Geen Planet, is the basis for a Science Fiction Writing & Illustration Project for participation by young children mentored by a parent, teacher, or other adult. Kids can invent planetary features or lifeforms, illustrate them with drawings, write stories about them, and name them. Authors have automatic naming rights for planetary features, fantasy creatures, etc., if their story or illustration is selected for publication in Galaxiki and the Writing Project site. They can have attribution by first name or alias, but your email address or contact information is never published. Get more information by clicking on any of the links at the following links:

Project Blog: Sci-​Fi-​

Project Web Site: The Science Fiction Shop - Sci-​

Visit Sponsor's Web Site: XS MEGA-Shopping Center -

or the specialty links at homepage: captainxs.

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