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What's Galaxiki?

Galaxiki is a wiki based science fiction galaxy: all stars, planets and moons can be edited by its users.

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Members: 7370
Stars: 1.1*106+
Registered stars: 59803
Black Holes: 5500+
Pulsars: 1400+
Neutron stars: 8100+
Forum messages: 10834
Movies and books: 344
Unique movies and books: 253


Users can manage their movies and books in our online library.

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All users can post space, science, sci-fi and Galaxiki related messages in our community blog.

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Galaxiki is a collaborative community science fiction website, it's a wiki based galaxy which means that all users can edit stars, planets and moons and help to create a completly new science fiction and fantasy world. Membership is FREE, sign up now if you'd like to be part of our project.

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hyper joined on November 30, 2009 and owns solar system NEG931

The online galaxy consists of millions of stars, plants and moons that can all be edited. Many planets in our galaxy offer conditions that may allow life - the idea behind Galaxiki is that users can create fictional life forms and write about their histories on their planets. Some people also call this site a "Wikipedia out of space", which pretty well describes what it does.

As a site member you can name & edit community stars, planets and moons for free, but you can also purchase your own, personal solar system that only you will be able to edit. This is, of course, only an option - you do not have to buy anything to become an active member on this site.

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Our online galaxy is completely managed by its community - new stars, planets and moons are being named and described every day, science fiction stories are published and updated on a regular basis. The ease of use attracts all kinds of users, so that the target audience is not limited to science fiction and astronomy addicts - in fact everone may become an active member on this site, and you can enjoy all features even if you don't know anything about physics and if you aren't a good writer.

Community features also include user homepages, a discussion forum as well as a community library where users can show off their movies and books. One of the goals of this site is to connect people - no matter if you are into science, space, astronomy, sci-fi or fantasy, on this site you will find other people that share your hobbies and interests.

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Therefore we also have a community blog, which is in fact a blog which allows all users to post news. You may write about anything you like, as long as it's related to stories on Galaxiki, space news, astronomical events, general information about space, aliens, science fiction, movies, books... well, as long as it has anything to do with science and space. Of course you can also use the blog (and/or the forum) to promote your own solar systems and stories.

One really cool feature on this site is the star buying option - you can purchase your own solar system that only you will be able to name and edit. By buying a star you get your own, personal solar system in our online galaxy, and you're supporting this project so that we can further improve the site. Of course you can also purchase mutiple solar systems and build your own, local starfleet or empire, it's all up to you.

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You may also read some really cool science fiction stories written by our users on our wiki page.

Don't like to write? When you buy a solar system you may allow others user to edit it. But there are even more options: you may offer a star to someone else (a cool gift for friends, birthdays and sci-fi Lovers) or donate a solar system to the community for example (greatly appreciated).

Recently freed community stars

Solar systems donated by our users

Quintel by wolffenrir  •  Alatariel by andr0m3da  •  Epheran by merrymoll

Usually we try to respect the known physical laws, but the Galaxiki science fiction universe explicitely allows traveling faster than light - which means that you may allow your own alien life forms to travel to distant stars and planets, to explore them and to even meet other intelligent life forms. This becomes every interesting if you allow you own species to travel to stars edited by other users, as you'll have to make sure that the histories of all species remain consistent.

New stars that can be edited by the community are being released every hour, which means that our science fiction galaxy can be continuously expanded. New users are purchasing solar systems on a regular basis, and some users even decide to donate stars to the community - which is great as it both helps us to keep running and improving this site and offers new opportunities to the science fiction community.

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