Place solar system widgets onto your website or blog

You can place any Galaxiki solar system as a 2D or 3D widget onto your website or blog. Planetary positions are updated automatically. Installation is very easy, you only need to copy-paste a single line of code.

Simple 2D square widget, 200 x 200 pixels

    Only 2 steps to install this widget:
  • Step 1: Find the solar system you wish to use, and remember or write down its ID ('TKG391' for example).
  • Step 2: Copy-paste the widget code into your site or blog and replace '###ID###' by the solar system ID you selected, or use 'RANDOM' to display a different, randomly selected star or solar system from our galaxy.
HTML code to place the widget:

Simple 3D widget, 640 x 240 pixels

Only 2 steps to install this widget: HTML code to place the widget:

Customizing widgets

More Galaxiki widget services

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