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pokelover218 - january 22, 2013

Enter the Edonians, Canis, Techs, and Atlanteans

I have 4 species to add here.

The Edonians are already on the KBW, and are currently heavily colonizing. They are under development, as I have felt the need to revise them. Home system Abbah.

The Canis are dog-like people and really have hardly any colonies outside of Abbah, even though they have FTL 9. They share Abbah with the Edonians.

The Techs are a race of frail and tiny humanoids who are skilled mechanics and architects. Home system is Technis.

The Atlanteans are primitive, but are fairly interesting. Might be worth a look. They live on all the planets in the Khol system.

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gehenna - october 25, 2014

Added The Illrians

Added The Illrians to the race Wiki, and i'd like to know more about the Viski ( I read what's on the race wiki), i assume the term "Pod" is to be used as a sort of family unit (first thing that came to mind when i read about them was them living in something like a hive construct.
And that's the point, as a labor race, should they be given housing, like barracks or something? or do they build their own housing if given materials to do so? do they have concepts like entertainment or free time? i mean, i would not want to work them to the point of exhaustion, right? and how do they deal with their "employers?" do they relate to the "host" species like we interact with our fellow workers?
Are they omnivorous? would they eat whatever their employers eat in their worlds or have some sort of special diet? damn.. so many questions, but these i think would be the most important ones i have about the Viski.

Message has been edited - october 25, 2014

forum Content related discussions List your Race (22 posts)

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