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cmarion - april 22, 2011

Women unite! Any planets out there that feature women or treat t

Why do so many civilizations subjegate and enslave the female of a species. I would think that life would be easier, not to mention more fun if there was more equality and cooperation between the genders.

So...are there any planets where a female could live, build and start an empire on her own?

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joskirps - april 22, 2011

Well, I suggest you look for a planet that's still available and put up a story about a world where women rule, like the Amazons but planet or solar system wide ,) In fact I'm not sure if there is already a world like that on Galaxiki.

Other possibilities would be genderless worlds or worlds with three or more genders (although I don't know why nature should come up with something like that...).


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cmarion - april 23, 2011

And what is wrong with men and women working together????

A world where men and women work together, have equal status, rule is decided by who can do the job the best?

And why must everyone be at war?

I will create a system like this, but wanted to know if there was such a place existing in Galaxiki. So much war, so much killing, subjegation, so much male testostorone.

And how do we keep out the conquerers of the universe?

I have a big job ahead of me. Anyone want to contribute?

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thebigh - april 23, 2011

One of the first systems I worked on, MAB792, is home to an old and peaceful civilization that doesn't have a hint of bigotry or gender imbalance. These people have faced a lot of problems, but they're not really interested in war.

I don't have much inspiration regarding that system these days, so I would definitely welcome some collaboration on it.

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cmarion - april 23, 2011

Thank you for the lead

I will take a fast ship and visit soon. I also found Planet Melaqaa in system Uwriaa664 (UJC071) has a matriarcal society.

Keep the suggestions coming.

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thegreatpl - may 9, 2011

The Canthin, for the most part, are almost all equal opportunity nations. At least, outside of the military and politics. Of course, this being the Canthin, the females probably have an over abundance of testosterone anyway. Certainly would explain how the race managed to be at war with most of the major races in the galaxiki at one time or another. The Great Childrenic Empire has had a few great ladies, sadly, this being the Empire, they were almost always only famous for being more ruthless than the men.

Creeowa is a particularly famous female Canthin, and rose to the top of her profession on merit alone. On the other hand, she was one of the most bloodthirsty pirates the galaxiki has ever seen, so again, probably not a good example.

I think the Ale-Turans were female equal as well, and at least they were only involved in wars mostly because everyone else was piling on top of them.

Ganites, i think, the same, and at least they kept out of most wars.

Keeping out the conquerers of the universe is actually quite easy in universe. Just keep your heads down, maintain a reasonable navy, and/or just scheme to make sure they are fighting each other. Out universe, you have to agree to have your race conquered by anyone, so just request not to fight.

Actually, come to think of it, most nations seem to be relatively peaceful, except they just are not noticed. Myself, Danansan, glencoe, wert and elzilcho were very noticeable in our dark reign, which is why the massive wars of races (and nations) out to conquer the entire galaxiki abound. In fact, apart from one war which was the result of a massive edit war, most of the stories that are easy to find were written by male teens, who found those wars and politics interesting.

I'm not really getting my point across, perhaps it is better to say that they are known because these were multi-user contributions, who used the forum to communicate. There are several thousand page long threads of us each discussing, arguing (and screaming) why our race or nation is better than everyone else's. Of course, after two or three years, a lot of this fame has died down. Still, the most famous nations are the ones who were part of this. whereas most people create nations that are one or two systems big, most of the nations involved were 5, 10, and even 20 systems big. This was mostly because we were roleplaying as the nations (or races) themselves. To us, war was interesting. Every story needs conflict, and, alas, to us, actual conflict was better than emotional conflict.

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revco - june 12, 2011

The Kazarii are a species that have abandoned warfare long ago having almost destroyed themselves. A holdover from their ancient past is the traditional triad marriage wherein a female marries two males, one of which stays at home to protect the female head of household while the other goes to war in the name of their clan.

Modern Kazarii see this tradition as somewhat quaint and marriage for the most part has become quite rare. One of the Kazarii worlds, Etarra has five moons named after women in their history that have done great things, (only one has a written history so far).

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gehenna - october 19, 2014

Well, the Illrian (Foxtaurs), a race i created with a friend for some crazy, funny and whacky RP are matriarchal in nature and clan based society, females are the ones that hold property and most positions of power and influence, males are can achieve the same positions but are drawn more into roles of protectors and soldiers (but there are plenty of artists, craftsmen, scientists, etc also), you know, to make good use of all that testosterone. Males can own property, but once they marry, they move to the female's state and take on her family name. Currently i am looking for a suitable system to settle one clan in (neighboring systems hold other clans) which will be practically owned by one couple, yes, the whole solar system and everything in it, heheh, by the Lady Indigo and her mate Halrakk.

Message has been edited - october 19, 2014

forum Content related discussions Women unite! Any planets out there that feature women or treat t (8 posts)

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