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physicsguy - november 10, 2011

Unused / Incomplete Story Ideas

I've been thinking about post this topic for a while, but now is the time. I want to make this thread a clearing house for story ideas you have that are: 1. not fully formed, or 2. you don't plan on using yourself.

In the first case, you should post your idea and see what kind of input the community can give on your idea as it stands and where you could go forward with it.
In the second case, these would be ideas you have but aren't going to use. In this manner, your idea could still go on, just with someone else at the helm.

I was motivated to finally post by this story:

So, anyone have any orphaned ideas or any that need help with?

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ecsange - january 30, 2012

Copyright safety issue

I do think it is an interesting idea to post one's story ideas, but I have to wonder if it is safe, as in copyright safe. It is nice to get help or direction, but once out there, it's ripe for rip-off, true? What's your feeling?

Okay, as a writer with a potential spec story that I'm working on, allow me to be the first. I'm writing a YA spec fiction that deals with the otherworldly such as ghosts, spirits, demons and the like. My question is: Do you (and please, as many of you as possible answer) feel that a story can have too many otherworldy characters in it? Will it feel crammed? Or do you feel adding many and varying types of ghostly, spirit type characters is fulfills the adage, the more the merrier?

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physicsguy - january 30, 2012

Most (or all) of what gets posted on this site is posted under the GNU Free Documentation License. While this doesn't keep others from using your idea, as I understand it, they would be required at the least to attach the GNU FDL to their derivative works, and may be required to site your original work as a source. Jos could probably add more to this.

forum Content related discussions Unused / Incomplete Story Ideas (3 posts)

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