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physicsguy - april 6, 2012

Black Holes, Pulsars, Neutron Stars

Specifically, why aren't there any with letter codes beyond VKK?

On a related note, the star search system really sucks at mapping things correctly.

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manticore - april 6, 2012

End of Galaxy Error

It looks like the first code-group is LAA001 and last code-group is XA-something. That doesn't leave a lot of room for there to be more of those, there's only V[L-end]?, W??, and XA? beyond that. Even the three types taken together are pretty rare. Assuming the stats from the star search function are right,

1,108,000 or so stars in the galaxy
8,127 neutron stars
6,944 black holes
1,425 pulsars

or about 1% of the total population of stellar objects. If all the codes LAA001-XAA999 were in use, there'd be about 8.8e6 stars, which is about 8 times higher than we have, so some codes must be missing. There should be ~1,040,000 code-groups in the missing set (VKK-end), roughly an eight of those should be in use, and we're looking for a population about 1% of the total. So, if the distribution of objects is flat, we're "missing" about 1,300 members of the population.

My complete and utter guess is that the distribution of code groups isn't flat, and more are used near the middle of the galaxy where most of the stars are. (That is, the code-groups are loosely coordinates, and since there aren't a lot of stars at the fringes, there's simply not many in use.) If so, we may not be missing many of them. But I'm not gonna check. 😀

I think the star search function is completely broken. I can't find any consistent relationship between where it thinks stars are on the galaxy map and where they actually are. The "search for habitable worlds" checkbox only works for certain classes of stars, and I'm not convinced it's finding all of the available habitable worlds even for them. Searching for combinations of stellar class and color don't work, etc, usw, and on and on. But other than that, it's great! 😀

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physicsguy - april 6, 2012

Yeah, I figured it was just some weird error relating to how they were distributed when the stars were created. Alas, I can't find any below about Sector (xx,82) -- so the "bottom" 18% of the map will be devoid of these objects. And since my pet sector is (51,90), I don't get any to play with.

forum Content related discussions Black Holes, Pulsars, Neutron Stars (3 posts)

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