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thegreatpl - february 7, 2013

On the subject of galaxiki wide crime syndicates, there have been some in the past. I think elzilcho set up a police force which worked galaxiki wide. Dunno what happened to it.

The DURGAT dollar does indeed remain the international currency of trade. At least among the nations which are signatory to the Treaty of Raw Ot Dne.

On the subject of trading languages, I expect the main ones would be Ale-Turan (which use would be declining, since it is currently been 400-500 years since the ascension and fall of the Ale-Turans), whatever the Dacor use, Childrenic (by virtue of being a major "super" power for 600-700 years), and possibly whatever the Ganites use (by simple virtue of being the 2nd largest member of the DURGAT left, and only one not having spent time isolationist).

On the subject of vices, the Galaxiki is, by the reckoning of a group of something like 5 british teenagers, in what is known as the corrosive age, set around 1000-1050PG, having just spent the last 4-5 centuries in a dark age known as the Chaos Wars. Simply put, everyone pretty much acted like a bastard on the international political scene.

One of the current big galactic superpowers (if they could ever get over that constant civil meltdown which has been ongoging for the past 4 centuries), The Great Childrenic Empire (which is mine btw), pretty much has a list of all vices in the universe which might as well be called "stuff we did last tuesday". They have page in the KBW where you can read about them. Also, Krees Whole, one of their protectorates, pretty much is a haven where you can buy and sell anything. Oh, though they dont trade Canthin as slaves.

There have been pirates in the past, and lots of them come out of the ongoing civil war in the Great Childrenic Empire, but as far as I know, no currently named groups wnadering around.

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forum Content related discussions Criminal questions, and tradeing questions (11 posts)

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