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stevenelson1 - november 6, 2009

Tomorrow's World #1 (Nice Cover Art)

Well I can't figure out how to paste on here my nice cover art so if you want to see the Lovely Female401E you'll have to go to my website at:
I am working on a slide show that I will send to Youtube and then make a link at my site for anyone to access. So far the slide show is really terriffic! There's not a lot of pictures as yoummay understand that today's world is quite highly censored and not yet capable of handeling a bunch of beautiful humans all naked. So my slide show consists of a number of slides giving bacground info on my book with one big picture of Female401E. She is very beautiful, I still can't believe that I created her!
Some may wonder, why did I write such a book and a second one comming soon!? Well I've been facinated for some time about what a world could be like where everyone was Wanted, Beautifully Genetically Engineered, Loving, Kind, Hate Free, Violence Free, Naked, Living in a climate controlled domed city, and where instead of money, all were Loving and helpful to each other and Sex is the very currency of the society.
The gardener does his or her work, the farmer does his or her work, the scientist does his or her work, the Administrator does his or her work ect, ect, ect, and all are happy in their work and happy to be of help for anything and everything, where not money but Love is exchanged.
You wil also notice that though I talk a good deal about sex, UNLIKE all other books at your local grocery store, the "F" word is NEVER used in any Hostile or Hateful manner in my story. It is used ONLY in connection with happy and fullfilling sex.
Really the Review done by the webmaster at is very fare in his examination of my book. You can find this review in the 6th BLOG section there at (You must be 18 of course to see that site) It's our prudish society you know.
I hope everyone enjoys my nice excerpts and the Lovely picture of Female401E at my site and also the Review.
Very Sincerely, Steve Nelson
PS: I'm working hard to have DESERT TREK ready by Dec, 2009

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keeperoflowkeys - november 9, 2009


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My solar Systems: none
forum Solar systems showroom Tomorrow's World #1 (Nice Cover Art) (2 posts)

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