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physicsguy - june 20, 2008


For those interested, the pictures of the Galaxiki galaxy are actually of NGC 1300 in the constellation Eridanus.

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thegreatpl - june 21, 2008

how far away is the (insert number of above galaxy galaiki is based on) from our own milky way?

oh yeah. the pic on the explore page is taken by the hubble space telescope.

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physicsguy - june 23, 2008

69 million light-years

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8para8 - january 11, 2009


Is there any specific reason why they picked this galaxy? I'm not sure if you would know this...but, It's worth a shot. I didn't know if maybe they [NASA] found some clues that lead to anything interesting which might steer Wikipedia to choose this galaxy over others, or if it was just a shot in the dark.

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physicsguy - january 11, 2009

As a matter of fact, NASA has proof that the highly advanced civilizations of NGC1300 have been trying to make contact with us after they lost one of their scout ships in New Mexico in 1947. So, it's been in the collective zeitgeist of the human population of Earth, unconsciously steering us towards that galaxy.

Or, ya know, it's a pretty galaxy that we have high-regulations images of.

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thegreatpl - january 18, 2009

im going with its a pretty galaxy.

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danansan - january 19, 2009

Oh no. I'm pretty sure its the advanced alien race.

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thegreatpl - january 19, 2009

its got to be the pretty galaxy. the advanced Aliens inside my head tell me that.

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worldjumper - february 21, 2011

yeah i doubt there could be only one advanced civilization trying to make contact, it also increases the doubt that the one alien civ is 69 million parsecs away. doubt it

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mjjh - june 4, 2011


Didn't Sagan reveal to the world that our neighbors the Vegans had contacted us?

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forum Astronomy Galaxiki (15 posts)

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