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forum Astronomy Anyone know anything about planet x? (14 posts)
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iestyn - september 18, 2010

Planet X

since when has planet x been neburu.? or whatchimacclit. i always thought it was sedna. going to do some crazy kick-ass orbit from kuiper belt into our earth. which if true meants it will be in the sun most of the time -_- i realy dont belive this. so i just keep looking. unless of course physicists decide to divide by 0 in the large hadron collider i see nothing happenin' 23 o dec 2012

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thebigh - october 29, 2010

I say the first exoplanet we discover in 2013 should be name "Nibiru" just to rub it in to all the woo-woo believers.

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justinvuong - november 28, 2010

I agree with thebigh, first planet we find after 2012, its name is going to be named Nibiru.

2012 isn't real because my magazine subscription expires in 2013.

But anyways, I don't believe 2012 is real because of the many countless failed predictions. Y2K--FAIL. 6/6/06? Fail. 2007. No. 2008. Nope. 2009, sorry. 2010--pending but mostly likely fail. Plus, if the Mayans could predict the end of the world, why couldn't they predict the Spanish taking over them? And also, due to their love of 12, it would make since to stop on the 12. Or perhaps they just felt bored or had no more stone to make a calendar. NASA has declared that there is no object that would crash in 2012 with Earth. However, perhaps something might happen 2012. New World Order perhaps? That one scares me. But the Planet X thing sounds too phony, it might as well crash into Jupiter or Saturn.

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worldjumper - february 20, 2011

the Nephilim are the sons of angels and demons in the Bible. Its an interesting notion that "planet x" even exists seeing how we would probably have found it already unless its orbit took it on a ride exact to ours but opposite side of Sol, which still would be fascinating if something like that could exist. Also. No life could exist past Pluto which was the original Planet X but now is counted as a dwarf planet or something another??? It is WAY to far out away from Sol to get any light/heat. and then the definition of niburi (or what ever it is)- a crossing. maybe it is a type of "way-point" being a command post or obviously a half way point for the Nephilim. Im not atheist so thats how i know what the Nephilim are.

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forum Astronomy Anyone know anything about planet x? (14 posts)

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