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iestyn - september 18, 2010

The big Cram.

i have a Suggestion to the end of the universe. picture the scene. (supermassive) black holes are limited, if galaxies keep coliding the number will decrease untill there is a substantially large one. sucking in e veryhting like a giant space hoover. it gets so powerfull it goes against space time, and the expansion of the unvierse. it stops. it is stopped but the universe ahead of it is expanding, so it is ripping that as it passes under it. so the HOLE gets bigger although the mass doesnt. at the far reaches of the universe ther is dark matter(escaped from the big bang) and after a few billion years when the universe stops expanding as the hole is 50/50 with the spacetime continuim the anti-matter is forced back then reaches the mass of the black hole. enters it and causes havock.= one big bang. rinse and repeat.

forum Astronomy The big Cram. (1 posts)

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