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bennihana123 - february 19, 2009

Science Fiction/Writing Website

Does anyone know of a site where you can upload original science fiction or writing?

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keeperoflowkeys - february 19, 2009

Need Clarification

Do you mean on this site, or in general?

The standard places for story-telling on Galaxiki are the Blog or the Knowledge Base Wiki. Instructions for posting to either of these locations can be provided.

Outside of Galaxiki, I think we will need more information on your scope and intent before providing additional information.

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nnygamer - february 20, 2009

I know a place that's looking for stuff but no scifi yet, they want some superhero (based on their world) sword and sorcery type and some horror.

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rodenbough - december 29, 2009

I think one might slip in SF if they wrote of an alien world dominated by prehistoric creatures and ancient(barbarian or Classical)or Medieval hominid societies
I even favor fighting Orcs with assault rifles and shotguns.

forum Science Fiction Science Fiction/Writing Website (4 posts)

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