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rodenbough - february 21, 2009

Rise from Bugdom

It would be interesting to read from you guys about how your chosen race and civilization rose from it's most primative origins to becoming a star faring race. If you have bug people how did they rise from bugdom to intrestellar space. How did they go through the neccessary stages to attain a Galactic civilization?

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danansan - february 21, 2009

My nation, Ale-Tura, achieved space flight and technology after revolting from a space-faring race that had enslaved their various races.

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thegreatpl - february 21, 2009

my primary race, the Canthin, rose from a planet which has long since been destroyed several thousand years ago, and fled in refugee ships. they then settled in other planets which had been specially terraformed. plus, they then had to develop civilization all over again.

little is known about the ancient Canthin home world. although i have written a few things on it.

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rodenbough - december 29, 2009

How abot a sentient race evolved from Dromeosaurs?

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worldjumper - december 21, 2011

Orson Scott Card has his bug race (the Formics, giant ants) coming to "Intellectual Prowess" through a "Hive Mind" scenario. The Formics in the Enderverse were first large ants and when 2 queens decided to stop fighting each other they bonded and their minds grew so that when they laid daughter queens they to were added to the mind making it bigger, and one thing led to another and they were smart enough to go into space.

forum Science Fiction Rise from Bugdom (5 posts)

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