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worldjumper - december 21, 2011

R. Daneel Olivaw

I am here at the moment to enlighten all intellectual beings. If anyone has ever read the Robot series and Foundation series you might remember a character name R. Daneel Olivaw. Well people of the galaxy, R. Daneel Olivaw, or just Daneel, is immortal. I wondered what had happened to him and after a quick research he is actually the one that set the Foundations in motion! Crazy, yes? Just thought you should know if you dont already. I didnt.

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physicsguy - december 21, 2011

Asimov didn't initially plan it that way. He had already written a significant number of books in both the Robots and the Foundation series when he noticed that, given the presence of humans and the different time settings for the two series, that he may be able to connect them. Picking a robot (essentially immortal) to divide the gap and retconning some details and Olivaw's alternative identities, he wrote a few books and bridged the gap.

forum Science Fiction R. Daneel Olivaw (2 posts)

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