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pokelover218 - february 7, 2013

Possible spreading of Humankind

Has anyone ever heard about the story of The Tower of Babel? In it, it says that God gave humans separate languages to prevent them from building a tower to reach the heavens. It also says that God then scattered man around the world. In some cases, the world might be defined as the universe. This is because it says in the very beginning of Genesis that God created the world. Not a world, the world, which could refer to the entire universe. Now, if God scattered humans throughout the world/universe, surely at least one group of humans could end up in this galaxy, with their own separate language and no choice but to spread throughout the world, as was God's original plan for humankind.

Just a thought. Tell me what you think

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mindsword - december 29, 2013

Id love to, but im being monitored.

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forum Science Fiction Possible spreading of Humankind (2 posts)

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