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aaronz3 - may 8, 2013


Trying to write a sci fi story.
Can the earth evolve new breeds of plants, animals and what if humans could evolve, biologically?
Is that possible?

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rodenbough - may 17, 2013

If evolution is true, then the answer would be emphatically yes.

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manticore - may 23, 2013

IF evolution is true, rodenbough? You mean "Since evolution is observed in all terrestrial organisms...".

And I have to mention that the bouncing smilie thing is very annoying.

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rodenbough - july 3, 2013

Yeah yeah whatever.
I was not necessarily calling evolution into question but using it as a backdrop. The principle of evolution demands an affirmative answer to your original question.
As for the bouncy smilies, I happen to like using them.

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argentem - july 25, 2013


Natural forces are not the only ones at work. We are in the middle of a human generated mass extinction. Many more animals and plants will become extinct. It is quite possible that humans could be extinct before the end of the century.

Usually there are big changes after mass extinctions. When the dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, all bets were on the birds taking over. But somehow those pesky little mammals managed to take over.

My bet for this one is the squids. They have good eyesight, intelligent and can manipulate things with their tentacles. If they manage to find a way to breathe air . . .

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forum Science Fiction Millenia (5 posts)

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