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wert - july 13, 2008


Does anyone know how amny times someone gets thier hand/arm vut off during the 6 films. Ican think of:

That guy in the cantina (Ep. 4)
Anakin/Darth Vader-3 times! (Eps 2,3,6)
Luke (Ep. 5)

Anyone else? I read somwhere it happens once in every film!

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danansan - july 13, 2008

That big ice monster in ep5 gets it arm cut off.

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danansan - july 13, 2008

Some droid probably gets de-armed in ep1.

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tond - july 28, 2008

that's probably true

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sharp - august 22, 2008

i never really thought of it but i geus allot of people, or aliens,or bots get their hands chopped off

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8para8 - january 11, 2009

well with a weapon like a light'd prolly be hard to contain yourself.

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thegreatpl - january 18, 2009

but you would think that they would aim for something more vital, like the heart, or the head. come to think about it, is there anywhere in the films where someone does get stabbed in the heart?

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worldjumper - april 29, 2011

yeah in episode 1 alone i think probably 20 or so droid got their arms chopped grosse exaggeration

mikeydale007 - october 12, 2011

ep 2 anakin
ep 3 anakin
ep 3 mace
ep 3 dooku
ep 4 cantina guy
ep 5 wompa
ep 5 luke
ep 6 anakin's fake arm

Message has been edited - october 26, 2011

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forum Star Wars Hands (9 posts)

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