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medsea - august 17, 2008

i'm a big fan of star wars

anything you have extra ordinary and want to share please let me know

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alpha117 - december 22, 2008


You mean like this? at 0:10.

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8para8 - january 11, 2009

extraordinary as in how?

I could tell you a bunch of extraordinary things especially about star wars information. However, you need to specify at least a little bit about strange things that you want to be informed about.

For instance:
I practice telekinesis...which is like "the Force". Aside from not being able to move large objects or anything really 'out there'...I can make a candle flame dance and I can very easily pick up on what other peoples feelings are (i.e. happy, sad, mad, hatred, love...etc).

edit: hah! That youtube video is great.

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wert - january 18, 2009

I have telekinesis too, I can pick up object with a combination of my mind and hands.

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thegreatpl - january 19, 2009

come to think of it, i can do that too. pick up an object with the combination of my mind and hands.

why didnt i think of that?

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dexxoy - february 21, 2012

Confedarate Knowledge

I know what a B3 battle droid is.

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forum Star Wars i'm a big fan of star wars (6 posts)

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