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homer - august 27, 2007

Star Trek

My favorite series is TNG.
I am pleased that it is being repeated on TV at the moment.
Never really watched DSN or Enterprise or the one that name escapes me at the minute.........Ah yes Yoyager.

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odgar - august 31, 2007

LOL yeah TNG is the best however TOS can hold it's own and most of the episodes are brilliant storywise just not graphic wise.

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emmbee - september 1, 2007

Yeah, I'd agree as far as series one and two is concerned. But series three (Spocks Brain) No.

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odgar - september 4, 2007

By series three it wasn't very good, this was probably due to the TV company wanting it off air as it wasn't getting the viewers

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andr0m3da - september 7, 2007

how about that grea animated series?

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arcuriandelta4 - december 22, 2007

Original Series

I prefer TOS as space was more of a frontier land and full of mystery, whereas in TNG they were never more thana few days away form the UFP, it seems. And a beige interior, what were they thinking?

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physicsguy - may 8, 2008


The older I get, the less I think of all the Star Trek series. They just don't seem to hold up as well as some other shows did.

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ecophreek - may 3, 2011

Star Trek

just getting juicy off the front page ... Hey Joe, how about removing title posts along with the spam messages? Is it even possible?

forum Star Trek Star Trek (8 posts)

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