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8para8 - january 11, 2009


Soo...any fans of Twilight? I have never read the books but my girlfriend dragged me to see the movie with her and I really didn't think it was too awful bad. Thoughts?

I myself am a fan of Kristen Stewart. Wouldn't mind meeting her, she seems like a cool person.

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danansan - january 11, 2009

Twilight is the Antichrist.

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thegreatpl - january 14, 2009

never read it myself, not sure if ive even heard of it. then, i usually go for science fiction or the more scientific fantasy stories.

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kxktbxb - january 20, 2009

Twilight is AMAZING, I've read all the books and am a really big fan though the last book's a bit disgusting.

Technically it's not sci-fi really, I think it's more fantasy, though it still is AMAZING and anyone that thinks it's rubbish but hasn't seen it needs to read or see it before they judge.

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neonflux07 - february 19, 2010

ive read the first book and seen the films, and theyre not all that bad. although i do think they kind of ruin the idea of vampires.

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hgfggg - july 14, 2012

Not good.

I read a bit of the... what? 4th or 5th book? Chevy or something Guardian= Totally Mary Sue car. MISSILE defense? Bluhh.

forum Books twilight (6 posts)

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