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stevenelson1 - november 17, 2009

Open Letter to all Thinking Humans

Howdy Folks,
Listen, I'm just a simple guy who wrote a Real Nice SUPER HOT Scifi/Love book. And I just want to let everybody know about it.
Some people use the now dirty word of our age and call my message 'SPAM'. However it is just simple FREE ENTERPRISE. Yes Folks, Free Enterprise is what made America Great!!! I will not apologize for letting people know about my Wonderful book.
My book is written by me, self published & self promoted too! It's a Big Job! From the first word to the day I ship off copies of my book it's been a Labor of Love and a Blast!
Some also say that by leaving a computer address where You can easily get more info is also again the dirty word, 'SPAM'. You know despite all these Communists & Freedom Haters, I AM going to find success with my book.
So here's what YOU can do to help me and also support the Amer-I-Can way of Free Enterprise. Just Google my book title: Tomorrow's World #1 by Steve Nelson & right away you'll come up with lots of sites featuring my book and some even featuring some selected excerpts.
It's just that easy to help me and support Free Enterprise. Which in the long run will help YOU too.
Steve Nelson

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keeperoflowkeys - november 18, 2009

Self-Referential Spam

Your post is an off-topic bulk message for commercial purposes. That makes it spam. You can bitch and complain about it all you want, but it's still spam.

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joskirps - november 18, 2009

Last warning

You're absolutely right, keeperoflowkeys.

I think it's absolutely okay if one of our members posts a note about a new sci-fi book, even if it's commercial.

But it's not okay if this user doesn't contribute to the site in any other way and if this user keeps posting the same information in multiple places all over this site - especially if this user has already been warned by other site members.

So this is the last warning, stevenelson1 - anther attempt to spam and you will be blocked and all of your posts will be removed!

Jos Kirps

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forum Books Open Letter to all Thinking Humans (3 posts)

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