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wert - april 3, 2012

Philip K Dick

Anyone read any of his books/want to recommend any? I'm having a bit of a PKD binge at the moment.

So far I've read

The Man in the High Castle
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
A Maze of Death
The Divine Invasion

Most of these were in the last month or so although Androids was last year,

Next up the Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich, then Androids again (i'm reading a collection so I might as well go with the flow), then Ubik.

joined November 12, 2007
553 forum posts
wert - october 6, 2014

I never finished that collection... I've since read Androids and VALIS again and I finally read Ubik last year.

I'd recommend PKD to pretty much any sci-fi fan, although his later stuff gets a bit esoteric.

forum Books Philip K Dick (2 posts)

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