The entire Galaxy is an editable Wiki

Join the Community and create your own Sci-Fi World

Edit names (stars, planets, moons...)
Change physics (size, masse, atmosphere, water, ...)
Create life (add species, civilisations, ...)
Write stories (each star, planet, or species can have its own history)
Invent technologies (allow your species to visit other systems)
Travel (your own species can meet other users' species)
Collaborate (write, match and share stories with other users)
Get your own star(s) (that only you will be able to edit)
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Explore the galaxy

Find stars, planets, moons, black holes and other interesting objects using the galaxy browser.
Galaxiki consists of more than a million stars and solar systems.

Build new worlds

Design your solar systems - name stars, planets and moons, change physical properties and create life.
Help to fill the galaxy with life forms and interesting stories.

Find new friends

Connect to other people interested in space, astronomy and science fiction - worldwide!
Galaxiki is a real social network with thousands of users.

Name stars & planets

Help to find names for stars, planets, moons, black holes and other objects in the galaxy.
There are thousands of community systems that can be edited by all users.

Customize physics

Change planetary physics such as sizes, masses and temperatures, add water and create atmospheres.
Design Earth-like planets, mysterious worlds and hostile places.

Read & write

Each star, each planet and all other objects in the galaxy feature an editable wiki story page.
Read science fiction stories by other users or write your own stories.


Visit other systems, interact with life forms created by other users and help to write collaborative stories.
Become one of the designers of a completely new online world.

Share knowledge

Share your knowledge about astronomy, physics, space and science fiction with thousands of people.
Learn, teach and discuss in forums, groups and blogs.

Your own solar system

Get your own, personal solar system (that only you will be able to edit) by making a small donation.
Donations start at only $1 and help to keep this free project running - thank you!

Solar system widget

Put your own solar system (or any other system) on your website or blog and make it visible everywhere.
You just have to copy and paste a single line of HTML code to create a widget.


Galaxiki was featured on Pocketlint, Yahoo,, redOrbit and in the US Linux Journal.
It was one of the winners of the Seomoz Web 2.0 awards in 2008.
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Some photographies used on this site are by NASA, they are in the public domain.
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