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Tancerdi the Prophet by Wert
The sun rose over the gothic marble towers of Novargrod palace as a new day dawned. Tancerdi sat on the huge basalt throne in the palace's main hall guarded by the best of the best. His personal guard stood either side of the throne their bodies totally covered by long flowing black robes and battle-armour. Tancerdi looked up puzzled as a man was hauled before him by the guards. The man was chained and his eleaborate clothes were torn. Tancerdi looked down contemptuously at the messanger as the guard knocked the bedraggled man to his knees with a hefty blow.

The messanger looked up terrified at Tancerdi tears rolling from his eyes. Tancerdi began to speak his voice boomingly loud, enhanced by numerous cyberenhancements.
"I know why your here boy" said Tancerdi "You are here to ask me to resign" Tancerdi smiled. "You probably know the ansewer to that already" he said. "I'm not going to, and to risk sounding like a tyrant, I'm going to stay and become president for life".
"Ans as I'm not a tyrant" continued Tancerdi looking down at the boys face, "I won't kill you. Go back to Munri and tell him. His time has come. He and all will be jusdged by me. As was fortold in ther stars by the Prophet Sailiah before the mount". Munri will be judged as you have been, and tell him boy, I will not be so merciful to a sinner like him!"
Tancerdi had been almost scraeming but now his voice returned to normal as he woke as if form a dream of rage.

The boy was hauled away and Tancerdi settled back down on his throne silently. He closed his eyes and dreamed of things to come.

Reeal Senators by thegreatpl
Greeow looked over the desk he was hiding behind, and then ducked again as a burst of laser fire shot over the desk. Greeow gritted his teeth. If they thought they would lie down easily, then they had another thing coming. Greeow picked up his rifle and returned fire. He then ducked again. Those traitors to the Confederation would die.

Beside him, Preeow picked up the anti-tank rocket, aimed and fired. The rocket screamed forward and detonated amongst the traitors. The blast decimated and gutted the other end of the office. Greeow and his squad leapt up and began to charge toward the opposite end of the room. They then proceeded onwards. Behind them, they left the broken remains of a major structural support.
* * *
Leeero looked left. He then waved his senatorial troops forward. They advanced down the corridor cautiously. They were halfway down when another squad came out of a side corridor.
“Halt, for or against the Confederation” demanded Leeero.
“Erm, I think we are for” replied the officer.
Behind Leeero someone asked “Which are we?”
“We are for aren’t we?” asked another.
“No, no, we are against” said yet another.
“We are whatever senator Jreeowin is for anyway” said yet another.
“Senator Jreeowin? We support Senator Hreeow” said someone from the other squad.

Both squads stared at each other for a few more seconds. Then theuy both simultaneously decided that whatever they supported, the other senator didn’t, and so those in front of them were the enemy.

Five minutes later a Clerk walked down the corridor carrying some paperwork. He stepped over the remains of both squads, who had both retreated. The Clerk went on, he knew his duty was to get all the paperwork out he could before both sides destroyed the building.

El Presidente by Danansan
The Dark House was an impressive building. Faced with black stone, and covered in gargoyles and ominous looking spikes, it looked more like a Gothic Cathedral than the residence of the President of the Confederation. But if you looked closely, there were clues. The AA guns discreetly hidden behind gargoyles were one, and the logo of a weapons manufacturer could be seen on some of the ominous spikes. Also, around the left of the building, some of the stone facing had come off, and you could just see the Tritanium that the building was actually made of through the gap. There were other things that you couldn't see from a distance as well - the layers of Admantium and Alliance Steel that made up the inner layers of the building, the two thousand elite troops that filled the building, the missile jamming field around the building, and, last but not least, the massive nuclear bunker under the house. It was from here that President Munri co-ordinated the battle that was going on up in the city.

Things were going well, relatively speaking. Military units hadn't been that common on Karasonte, and many of the ones that had been on the planet had declared for the President. What ones that were left had been outgunned by a mix of their former fellows and the Herreni and Bixian Senatorial guards. The Zionite guards had been wiped out before they had got a chance to take sides. Munri had thought that there was too big a risk of them joining their errant General. The Zionite Senators had been taken into custody, but they were proving resistant to interrogation. They were not the only ones being held, the Mananian, Awanaese and Gan Gung Senators had also been taken into custody, 'for their own safety'. Munri would have taken the Reeal Senators in too, but he couldn't get to them. It was probably best to let them fight it out for the moment. Only the Itnhaelan Senators had been allowed to leave, with their troops, as Munri saw little threat in them.

President Munri looked down at the diagram of the city that was on the screen in front of him. It showed the forces of each side - Loyalists in green, Militaries in red, and neutrals in blue. Only a few areas of the city were still under Military control. He smiled. The Army had attempted to pull several thousand men off the planet, but the transports had been shot down in a heated battle over the Emperor Spaceport, their escort having been forced to withdraw. Perimeters had been set up around Neutral forces, as well as the Reeal Senate offices, in which the Reeal were fighting each other. Munri reached down and tapped the screen three times, at different places. Up above the bunker, another missile dropped it's disguise as a spike, and went flying across the city, eventually detonating in an Army strong point. Munri gave a satisfied grunt as the concentrated area of red dots disappeared, and green dots swarmed through the area where they had once been. Another small victory. Beside him, a phone rang. Munri picked it up. After a brief conversation, he put it down again. The Militaries attack on the Presidential Offices had been beaten back, and Basg'Ruth was being transported to the Dark House for questioning. Munri thought for a moment, then picked a phone up again. He dialled the number of a tavern in the city. Once he was through, he talked for a short while to the owner of the pub, a friend from the old days.

In the city, Military forces found themselves under attack from another group. Seemingly random civilians drew weapons and attacked them, before disappearing up alleys. As these attacks began to take their toll, the order was given to kill any civilian out on the streets. This was not a wise move, as several innocent passerbys were killed. This led to outrage among the civilian population, and several riots took place in Military controlled sectors. The massacre that took place as a result of this led to more outrage, and more riots. The Military were eventually forced to withdraw from the city, out into the farmland surroundings.

As the last of the red dots left the city, Munri chuckled. His gambit had worked. He picked up one of his phones, and made a call to the commander of the Karasonte air defence, who had mercifully remained Loyal. In a few minutes time, squadrons of fighters and bombers flew out over the city surroundings, dropping fire from the skies on the Military forces. Munri sent a few of his Dark House missiles out as well, for good measure. After a few flybys, Munri's phones began to ring, bringing reports of the Military forces surrendering. Munri moved away, letting subordinates deal with it. He made his way into a lift, which took him back up into the Dark House. There, he headed for the Presidential rooms, where he went over some paper work for a while, then went to get some sleep. Getting in the double bed, he felt the familiar presence of his wife, already asleep. He would have to send her and the children away, as soon as the spaceways were free. So far there had been very little fighting up there, but the Military had the upper hand, for now at least. He would have to concentrate his efforts on those later. But he was tired. He'd get some sleep first.

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