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Boarding the Primitive Vessel by danansan

VMHT: "Primitive vessel sighted, sir."
VMCT: "Bearing?"
VMHT: "032, 149, 401. Constant speed of 304 M/s."
VMCT: "Plot intercept course. Number one, ready the boarding team."
VMOT: "Right away sir."
VMCT: "Estimated time?"
VMHT: "Five minutes and counting, sir."
VMOT: "Are the boarding team ready?"
RMCC: "Affirmative, sir."
VMCT: "How long to change-over?"
VMOT: "Eight minutes, sir."
VMCT: "The boarding team ready?"
VMOT: "Yes sir, they are. We'll have to change-over during the boarding."
VMCT: "Is the next shift ready and briefed?"
VMOT: "Yes, I believe they are. I spoke to my counterpart earlier."
VMCT: "Excellent."
VMHT: "Primitive vessel within range."
VMCT: "Fire pattern four-one-six."
VMHT: "Pattern four-one-six fired. Six seconds to impact. Five, four, three, two, one, impact."
VMCT: "Damage?"
VMHT: "Engines destroyed. Ship apparently lifeless."
VMCT: "Lifeforms?"
VMOT: "Our sensors cannot pierce the primitive ships hulls."
VMCT: "Of course. I forgot. Is it deliberate, do you know?"
VMOT: "Almost certainly not. I doubt they even know what sensors are."
VMCT: "Oh well. Order the boarding team to cross."
VMOT: "Boarding team cross."
RMCC: "Boarding team crossing immediately."
VMOT: "Change-over!"
VMCF: "Thank you. Good run?"
VMCT: "Half way through boarding. You know what our aims are?"
VMCF: "I know what the plan is, but not the long term aims."
VMCT: "Long term? I think that it's FGM and PCA again."
VMCF: "PCA? Let's just hope it works this time."
VMCT: "You got that right! Now, I'm going to get some rest."
RMCC: "Sweep of ship complete. Two survivors. One critically wounded. One fully healthy."
VMOF: "Bring them across then. Two survivors sir! They're being brought across."
VMCF: "Excellent. Send a message back to Vanquar. Message reads: 'operation successful. Laying route to Harricht immediately."
VMHF: "Message sent, course plotted."
VMCF: "Take us out of here."

If you wish for peace, understand war - by thegreatpl
- B. H. Liddell Hart in Strategy (1967)
Pi’Tered was so afraid. When the ship had been hit he had been forced to bail from his host, which was fatally injured. At first, he had assumed that it was an asteroid or a space hulk, but now it seemed that it hadn’t been.

Without his host, and completely naked upon the floor, Pi’Tered had curled up and formed the Kr’Ind hull around his body, to protect himself. One of his fellow crewmembers shouted something as he was doing this, but Pi’Tered was naked and thus could not hear. Pi’Tered had also felt movement, but again, was naked and thus could not see what was making this movement, except for the fact there was too much for it to have come from his host or from Si’Yeron, the only surviving crewmember with a host.

Then the movement went away. As did most of the light.
[What happened?] asked Ai’Brint, who had also bailed from his host.
[I don’t know] replied Pi’Tered [I bailed. My host was too badly damaged for me to repair]
[I believe we were attacked] said Si’Yeron.
[You’re alive Si’Yeron?] asked Pi’Tered.
[I too bailed, when I realized the attackers intention to capture one of us alive]
[I knew we should never have allowed him on board; those Ok’Ti’Si are downright barbaric, most of them go around naked] growled Ai’Brint.
[But not to would be discriminative to the Ok’Ti’Si, who are a valued tribe] countered Pi’Tered.

[If I may begin by pointing out that it would not have done me any good, as far as I know, to be captured by that ship, which obviously had a hostile intent. It also wanted to capture us alive, and so I did nothing to reveal that all they have got is a host, and not in fact an Ok’Ti or even a sentient being. Now, there are three of us here, which should be more than enough to rebuild the ship enough for us to go FTL. One thing we must do is to reach home and warn them that there are races of hostile intention out here in the stars. And that we must begin to develop weapons to combat them] explained Si’Yeron.
[And how are we to do that, we’re all naked here] asked Ai’Brint.
[We can still manipulate the Kr’Ind, although our powers are weaker than they would be if we had a host to back us up with extra brain power] replied Si’Yeron.
[But what about food?]
[You forget, Kr’Ind provided sustenance for our ancestors, and indeed, many Ok’Ti’Si today, before we ever fed on any other food. In fact, we still need to bask in it naked sometimes ourselves anyway to recuperate and feed, otherwise we would become ill from malnutrition. Just because we have lost our hosts does not mean we must panic]

[AiBrint?] asked Pi’Tered.
[Yes?] came the reply.
[shut up and follow Si’Yeron]

* * *

It took a while for the three to repair some of the damage to the power supply, and then they began to work out what to do next. Despite Si’Yerons assurances, teleporting was an art, and doing so without seeing your destination required a lot of skill. None of the three even specialised in teleporting; that had been the domain of the fourth crewmember, who had been killed when the blast had hit.

They did, however, manage to get the ship to answer them. They were also working on several problems, one of which was the fact that when naked, none of them could see.

It was Pi’Tered, who specialised in Kr’Ind forming who figured out a solution to this.

[I call it an artificial eye, and for those who are connected to the ship it can be used to see. I also figured out a way for us to interface with the ship more directly] he explained to the other two.
[Well done, you should be on the research group. This will assist the entire race] Si’Yeron told him.

Then the moment of truth arrived. The three, safely snuggled up in the hull of the ship, used the new interface to access the ship. They then stared down into the scrying pool, where they visualized their destination; Kry’stal.

Seeing their destination, they were able to teleport. The ship hurtled towards their homeworld at FTL7.

* * *

Once there, and they had explained what had happened, the Grand Council sprang into action. At once ordering the building of a over a hundred hulls, and for the Space program and research groups to come up with some weapons.

* * *

Li’Kinto stood proudly upon the hill, as his fellows handled the prototype into position.

“You see my lords; Fi’Foren came up with this powder that is made up of sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate, and then Hi’Lonis came up with the idea that we put it in a tube sealed at one end and then put in a ball after the powder, And then a lighted match. We think this will provide us with a powerful weapon…”

Li’Kinto was cut off from this point as the prototype barked, and a ball of hardened Kr’Ind came flying out, to slam into a wall of earth.

The figures around it then began to reload the prototype.

“Naturally we will need to have them all in spacesuits to be able to use this thing…” Li’Kinto was then interrupted by one of the people he was giving a tour to.
“Wait; do you know how hard it is to make a single spacesuit? Or even find someone with the skills to do so. I’m sorry Li’Kinto, but your weapon just isn’t economical. We will have to dismiss the idea” said Grandest Council Member Li’Podren. Li’Kinto looked crestfallen.

“Very well, there are other projects you can view. I suppose you won’t want to see our giant bow either, as that suffers from similar problems. And Ai’Ballista was so hoping that would be a good design. Um, I think Ai’Catapult’s weapon is similar. In fact, I think the only weapons that doesn’t use space suits that we have so far are the ones designed by Pi’Tered and Li’Manis. Of course, they are both considered strange to us. Pi’Tered was one of the ones that were on that ship that was attacked, and he willingly went naked. He must be insane sir, although his idea does seem to be sound, even if it will increase the crew on a warship upwards. And Li’Manis weapon is pretty much close range at the moment sir, although he thinks with enough energy he can get the range up. But they are mad sir; our designs are much sounder…”

“Enough, take us to view these new weapons” demanded Li’Podren.
“Very well”

Later, Li’Podren asked what the new weapons were called.
“Mine is a Laser, while Pi’Tereds is a jump missile” Li Manis told him and the other guests.

“I think with greater explosives, my weapon can be devastating, sirs. Already we have begun to wonder if we couldn’t just store the raw energy to be released after a certain amount of time after activation” Pi’Tered told them.

Li’Podren ordered them to be put into production, and for the two researchers to teach others how to build the weapons.

It didn’t take long before the first purpose built warships were ready to fight.

And the Vanz were in for a surprise when they met with the new arsenal. A new weapon was now being made ready.

So we failed by Danansan

TGe: “So we failed.”
VGDC: “Not entirely. We didn’t get a live specimen, but we did find a very small section of residue in the host.”
TGe: “Why was the mission commander not given the full intelligence reports?”
VGDC: “I’m currently looking into it. A bureaucratic cock up, most likely.”
TGe: “Looks like any chance of PCA is gone.”
VGDC: “Seems so. But as I said, we got residue.”
TGe: “Residue we can work with?"
VGDC: "Yes. I took the liberty of ordering a start to work."
TGe: "Good. How is progress?”
VGDC: “It’s currently our top priority, but it’s really fiendish code, so it’ll take us a while. We should have teleportation first.”
TGe: “Great. And how is work on the others?”
VGDC: “Still no success on the Canthin.”
TGe: “How is it that you can unlock the Psychic shielding, but not the super-strength?”
VGDC: “It’s not a very high priority. We ceased work on the ultrasound, as you ordered. Wings are coming along great. We should have them within a week.”
TGe: “Any new arrivals?”
VGDC “We took an Rearn from a drifting wreck. It was unconscious, so we were able to restrain it before it inflicted casualties.”
TGe: “A Rearn? Finally. We really could really use their speed.”
VGDC: “What about their night vision?”
TGe: “We already have night vision.”
VGDC: “Oh yes, we do.”
TGe: “You shouldn’t take these things for granted.”
VGDC: “I don’t, I don’t.”
TGe: “Just keep working on the Ok’Ti residue. Keep it your top priority, but shift your workers about a bit. Now, I have to go to a meeting about the possibility of war with the Ok’Ti.”

* * *

TMa: "So. We're going to war."
TAd: "It seems to me that any offensive action in this war will almost certainly be undertaken by us, given that they don't even know where we are, or even who we are."
TMi: "Do they even have weapons?"
TMa: "Out spy satellite has shown evidence of weaponry."
TGe: "Do you think that they could discover the satellite?"
TMa: "It's probably just a matter of time before they do. But we should be able to get information from it right up until they do."
TAd: "I'm still not convinced that we should even be fighting them."
TMa: "Do we really want a space-faring people out there lusting for our blood."
TAd: "They don't even know who we are! How can they hate us if they don't know us."
TMi: "We don't know that they don't know us. It's quite possible that they've found out."
TGe: "I'm afraid I'm inclined to agree here. We can't risk this coming back and biting us later."
TMi: "If you ask me, we should be asking whose fault this is. Another bureaucratic cock up, I believe."
TAd: "Are you suggesting that this is my fault?"
TMa: "He's not suggesting anything. This was the fault of our far-too-large bureaucracy. Perhaps we should limit the next generation going into the Administration sector."
TAd: "Maybe the fault was that of one of your idiot commanders."
TGe: "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I thought that everyone would appreciate an update on the situation in my field."
TAd: "Go on then."
TGe: "We managed to get a residue sample from the Ok'Ti host. I haven't had a chance to look myself, but I'm told that work in progressing well. We also captured a Reave, and we've begun work on their speed. Also, wings should be ready within a week. I think, given the situation, I'll put some more people onto Canthin strength. I might have a look myself."
TMa: "Thank you for that uplifting report. Now, are we all agreed that war is the best option? I know I am."
TMi: "Yes."
TGe: "I suppose so."
TAd: "Oh, all right then."
TMa: "Great. I'll communicate this to the other six. I'm sure they'll agree."

* * *

TMa: "What have you got for my soldiers?"
TGe: "Nothing new, I'm afraid. But I should hopefully be able to get Canthin strength rolling again. I take it you don’t want wings?"
TMa: "I don't think they'd come in useful. Teleportation would be good. As would Reave speed."
TGe: "Neither of those projects are near completion."
TMa: "Fair enough. Well, it doesn't matter. Not that actual Vanz will be doing much fighting against the Ok'Ti anyway."
TGe: "Why's that?"
TMa: "The very nature of them."
TGe: "We do have a residue sample."
TMa: "You think you can make some sort of vaccine, or inoculation?"
TGe: "I'm not promising anything, but it's a possibility. I'll start work."
TMa: "Thanks. You're a lifesaver. Literally."

All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.
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