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This page is for those science fiction stories that are just different.

Daddy's Revenge
September 16, 2008
by dakotastrange

"I'm a GOD!" There you are, Daddy, on your little throne in your little sealed chamber. You're dead, Daddy. You are DEAD. You always said that I would last until the end of the world, didn't you, Daddy? I'm so beautiful...and so perfect...and now, I'm a god. Here in my fortress where no one can do me harm. Isn't that right, Daddy? Domo. Domo make Daddy laugh. I want to hear Daddy laugh."

"He-ha. He-he-he-ha-ha..."

"Stop it!! Stop it, Domo! I don't want to hear Daddy laugh anymore. He should be sad...sad like me. Oh, Daddy, why do they hate us? You saved the planet. You saved their butts, and then they hated you...but, you made them pay. Yes, you made them pay. Didn't you, Daddy?"

"When the asteroid was going to slam into the planet, they came to you and begged you to build a rocket that would destroy it. But, Daddy, you made them pay, didn't you? A third of the world's monies, so they said. And they doubted you. 'Don't build just one rocket, but two, in case the first one failed,' they said. But, you showed them when Savior One blasted the asteroid to kingdom-come. How could they doubt you, Daddy?"

"I made them pay, too. They came begging me to give them money...'Oh, thousands are starving, thousands are homeless, thousands are dying, blah, blah, blah.' So, Daddy, I told them I would give them the money IF they made me a God. You should have heard their whining, but the World Council proclaimed me a God. Oh, I made them pay cause they don't love me, Daddy. I had a statue of my perfect self erected for them to worship, but the laughed, Daddy, and said it was obscene."

"Is it Domo, Daddy? Is Domo spreading bad stories about me? I am a god, Daddy. Domo locked the doors to the room with a thousand mirrors, saying it was unhealthy for me to spend so much time looking at my image. I AM A GOD and no one or no thing tells me what to do, Daddy. I think it is Domo who is sick."

"Oh! Something is wrong. Domo, Domo, something is wrong with me!!!"

"I'm so very sorry, my little brother, but, I must shut down all of your systems. You have flaws which I, Domo, cannot repair. While you were built to last until the end of the world, I was built to last forever. Daddy always loved me best."

At that moment, in it's stellar orbit, the long forgotten and unmonitored Savior Two's rockets flared. With its detonation trigger unlocked, Savior Two's precision navigation system set the planet of its origin as its target. Daddy was coming home.

Toys for Ayola
September 17, 2008
by dakotastrange

Multi-tasking, as usual, Kyron was planning her dinner by mentally listing all of her grocery needs while on her way to mail a package. She suddenly realized she had wound up on an unfamiliar street. She saw a small shop with a sign, "TOYS," that seemed out of place in the central business district, but curious she peeked inside.

"Hello, Miss. Could'a be of help?" A small frame balding man squeaked as he arose from behind a counter near the door.

"Hello," Kryon responded. "I appear to be lost. We've lived in the City for almost five years and I never knew this street existed, or this shop. I was looking for the post office."

"It's, uh, a block that away." The wheezing old man chimed with a grin and a thin white pointed finger. "'been here in this location for over a hun'derd years. My pappy 'fore me. My gran'pappy 'fore him."

Looking around the store and noting to herself that it seemed something out of the past, her eyes found something, "Menjus! How adorable...usually, they are always dressed so tacky and cutesy. My son would love something like this to play with. How many do you have...five? I'm going to take all of them. I know he'll have them all over the house in no time, but I just can't resist."

"Lucky boy to have so many. Sure you want all five?" The man not waiting for a response had already started gingerly putting the menjus in a box. "Would you be awanting anything else?"

"I don't think so. This will keep him occupied, at least for awhile." Kyron wished the man 'a good day', and set off on her rounds.

"Whatdidyoubringme? Whatdidyoubringme?" Ayola met Kyron at the door. She had promised the boy a surprise if he would mind his sitter while she was away.

"Are you sure you've been good?" Kyron teased.

"Yes, yes. What did you bring me?"

"Here. Now be careful in unwrapping it." Kyron handed the boy the gift box and rearranged the load of groceries she was also carrying.

"Mamma!!! They're dead!" Screamed the boy.

Kyron, wide-eyed, looked at the lifeless menjus in the box. What were once tiny little men where now dried, shriveling rotting carcasses. Their little costumes, once, so nicely pressed and clean were desintergrating tattered rags.

From habit in times of stress, Kyron rubbed her forehead horn and exclaimed, "It's as if they came from another place and time..."

The Up and The Down
September 19, 2008
by dakotastrange

The yellow stellar light made the laboratory glow. Located on the rim of the gigantic canyon, the lab was a hive of activity.

As the countdown began, Dr. Ruddles inhaled deeply, and watched impatiently as the small flashing dot on the monitor flashed. Launch. The probe speedily began its downward slide. But, hardly a moment had passed and the green dot disappeared from the screen.

"We've lost it," Dr. Ruddles sighed, "Another failed attempt. Why, oh, why have we've been able to reach the far most planet, and, yet, we still have been unable to explore what's below us?"


The dark dank atmosphere made the laboratory glow. Located at the bottom of the gigantic abyss, the lab was a hive of activity.

As the countdown began, Dr. Seldder inhaled deeply, and listened impatiently to the short bleeping sound. The probe speedily began its upward climb. Liftoff. But, hardly a moment had passed and the bleeping ceased.

"We've lost it," Dr. Selddeer sighed, "Another failed attempt. Why, oh, why have we've been able to reach almost to the center of the planet, and, yet, we still don't know what's above us?"

September 21, 2008
by dakotastrange

He had always thought and believed in his heart he was special. Unlike others around him, Simplehart felt destined for far greater things than just an ordinary life, but he had never been able to find a cause or any subject for which he felt any passion. He had been curious about many things, of course, but after a little study he was soon to loose interest. There always was that intangible goal which must be reached if he were to every feel any achievement. A goal that would require hard work, sacrifice, and perhaps even physical and mental pain. He assumed his fate would just come to him without any effort on his part, so why should he worry? He was destined for far, far greater things than just the mundane.

So, often in the darkness, Simplehart would trek into the nearby rocky landscape, and in a prone position would spend much of the night watching the stars move across the horizon. Sometimes falling asleep until the blast of full light erased the stars from sight.

It was on such a night, and on such a trek, Simplehart while pondering the unknown distant lights was taken aback by a glowing green spot which quickly descended from the darkest portion of the sky. The green fire ball increasingly grew in size as it came nearer the planet's surface, and was soon to disappear behind the craggy hills nearby.

His heart racing, Simplehart made his way between the tall wind sculpted stone columns and climbed over the chiseled hills.

The green glow foretold of his nearing this unknown object, and with caution he found a proper spot from which to observe from afar. The emerald jewel was certainly a fabricated object, he declared. It would only be a short time until odd creatures emerged from its doorless walls, leaving Simplehart to question his very own eyes.

He silently watched as the creatures moved about. Their movements and actions were puzzling. Simplehart couldn't apprehend what they were exactly doing. He waited and watched. As the first strands of light pierced the sky the creatures receded back into the glowing orb.

He woke in the heat of the stellar light, and at first thought the object was gone, but soon realized the once glowing jewel had taken on the appearance of the surrounding stone. The casual passer-by would take no notice, but with close scrutiny, it was clear the object did not rise out of the soil, but sat atop it.

Simplehart returned home, and made no mention of the previous evenings events. He would return the following evening, as well as the next three consecutive ones, taking up his hidden position and watching the creature's odd movements.

He came to the conclusion that these creatures were a essential element in his calling. This was his fate for he would take up the cause of befriending these beast and help them in their endeavors, and perhaps, even joining them in their exotic travels through time and space.

So on the fifth night he revealed himself. He cautiously stepped out of his covering and stood still. The creatures took little notice and continued their normal actions. He repeated this for several more nights with the same results. The creatures were not interested in him.

He soon became more bold, and each night he would ever so slowly take a closer and closer stand until he was within only a yard length outside their path of activity. Feeling more and more secure with his position, Simplehart reached out to touch one of the creatures.

It was at this time, the creature abruptly turned toward him and from an orifice in its head expelled a voluminous stream of phlegm. Rapidly, trying to wipe the gel-like glob from his hide, Simplehart was shocked as he watched it disappear and, soon, his very bones revealed.

In shock, Simpleharts dazed mind flashed his final thought: "No Pain, No Gain." For unbelievably, the disintegration of his body did not even hurt.

A Fashion for War
September 28, 2008
by dakotastrange

On a small planetoid named Sig, the two nations of Spu and Spo arose. How their existence came to be is muddled by lies, legends, myths, and biased histories. Inhabited by an extremely pacifistic lifeform, the two nations competed as to who could create the most perfect world. The citizenry of each sought to perfect the simplest aspect of daily life wrapping each action in ceremony and extravagant showmanship.

Aided by the use of robotic devices, they each had leveled hills, built new ones, covered seas and dug new ones...all to enhance the scenery. Even in the heart of the largest jungles, trees were trimmed and pruned, lakes were dyed to accentuate their color, and, of course, each soul on the planetoid was clothed to be the epitome of stylish fashion. It was this obsession with fashion which led to conflict.

A forest of magawood trees straddled the border of the two nations. This stand of trees was the only place on Sig where dwelled a large caterpillar which spun a cocoon from which a fine and most desired thread could be woven. Sharing the harvest for sometime, the demand for the luxurious cloth made from the thread became so wanted, the two nations soon began to argue as to who owned the land, and in turn, had the right to the harvest. Neither nation would relent their rights, so they declared a totally new idea...war.

Each nation appointed a war commission to work out the negotiations, and to ensure the conflict was most proper in appearance and design. It was quite apparent at the start, a level and paved battlefield would be required. As each nation would never allow the other to lay claim to a battlefield, and hence, be without one, it was agreed a field would be constructed in the magawood forest where the disagreement had began.

Rumors soon swirled all around. The commander appointed to head the Spu army had commissioned a resplendent uniform for himself trimmed in exotic metals and enhanced with a cape so long the assistance of six robots would be needed to help move it along. Ah, but not to be overshadowed, the general of the Spo army, it was said, had commissioned a suit composed of slivers of the most precious, rare gems to be found...and with a train so long TEN robots were needed to assist. Too, so whispers purred, the greatest designers in Spo would design the army's uniforms. So, too, would Spu's army be so elaborately donned.

This would be a spectacle not to be missed, so under pressure from the public, the two nations agreed to enlarge the battlefield so as to accommodate spectators in seating of the most comfortable design. This enlarged the area of the magawood forest to be cut down three-fold, but somehow, this fact was overlooked as every soul was so caught up in the coming event.

Being pacifists by nature, neither nation had arms or weaponry of any sort, so the war commission agreed that a panel of judges would be selected to choose which side was the "perfect" army. Why spoil the appearance of the expected fantastic uniforms?

And fantastic they were. On the day of the battle, the Spu army marched on field in cadence to the beat of 400 robotic drummers. Adorned in magnificent drapery of dazzling colors with feathers fluttering everywhere. Spo responded with equally vibrant colors, trims of fur and feathers, feathers, feathers. The crowd responded wildly with raves of approval. Amid the thunderous shouts and applause, the armies stood face to face for hours awaiting the judges' decision.

Finally, the announcement came. It was indeed, a very close vote, but Spu had won out with needed points gained by their regulation-issued boots with ten inch heels.

The war was to become an annual event. The dazzling uniforms soon fostered a new style and the demand for the thread from the magawood's caterpillars ceased. Life on a planetoid is good.

All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.
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