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please note; as these stories are all written in the same galaxy (the galxiki), some of the storylines cross and characters meet. an example is the superbeings trio. they took part in the tombstar one affair, and so there is a gap in the stories in that section. also, other people have written stories that continue the saga, although mostly they dont involve my favourite characters.
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i have also contirbuted stories to other storylines, amoung them:
Tomb Star 1 stories
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wrote the following story as a follow on from wert's "a message from a monster".
Reaction to a Monster
Across the galaxy, throughout the great nations, those that were allied and fought one another, the great players in the galaxy, the ones who controlled the fate of the galaxy, people watched the Zionite monster known as Thant, and his broadcast. They stared in horror as he spoke across the stars. As he spoke of death and destruction, of war and ruin, of plague and disaster. They stared, rooted to their sets as he spoke of how he would bring plague to the Mananins, and economic disaster to the Ale-Turans. And they all were horrified when he showed his undead face.
* * *
stared at the holo-screen from where currently was. was currently using the name Trair, and the body had was male. He was still a Zionite. But he had never expected this. This was a communist government, like the Peoples, and the People would of course never dream about having a mad leader. He would be pulled out of the leadership by the votes of, well, the being currently known as Trair didn’t really know how much of the population of the people would pull him down, but it would be a high percentage, at least. But what the being upon the screen was suggesting was monstrous; the murders and disruption of a large proportion of two other nations. The People long had had the habit of not interfering, just watching. If they interfered then all would become mirrors of the People, and that was no fun. But Trair was about the “crypts of the old ones”. Now those sounded interesting.
* * *
Creeowa growled as Thant announced the Mananin flesh eating virus. Her claws emerged from their sheaths, and she crushed her ceramic mug in her hands. She began to shake in her anger. The crisis on the station had made her angry, but at least then there had been a cure in easy reach. She stood up and hurled her chair into the screen. The screen smashed and Creeowa stood panting, anger subsiding somewhat. She spun around to Meeowa, who was behind her and also had her claws unsheathed and was glaring at the screen. Meeowa turned to look at her leader.
“If any of that b******s supporters dock here, on my station, then I want them shot immediately. You got that” Creeowa growled to her exec.
“Yes sir” replied Meeowa, whose feelings were similar to Creeowa’s. she turned away and proceeded into the station which Creeowa now owned after saving it.
* * *
High Priest Meeowan looked up and watched the broadcast with interest. He cocked his head on its side when watching Thant. He giggled when he saw Thant’s face.
“He looks cute” said Meeowan to the three aides who stood behind him. They glanced to one another as Meeowan went back to signing off permission to declare war upon the Dacor and Umbrans. They were happy to except the slips and deliver them straight to the recycler, which made quick work of the slips of archaic paper. They then went to meet with their respective bosses, who then met up in one big meeting to discuss the Reeals reaction to this message.

Meeowan thought of the genius of the alien on the screen, he thought he should be a bit more like him. He liked the guy, and loved his proposals. He was of course one of the only Canthin whose homeworld was Neocanthinis who thought so, so there wasn’t much chance of Meeowan’s ideas would catch on.
* * *
Leeero Heeros, director of the Laros Council leaned back in his study and considered what to do. He had many choices in this matter, so many. He knew full most that this lunatic could not be allowed to succeed. He already had efforts to gain supporters and had received word from the three Nations that had signed the Treaty that they had their full support. He had also issued a bounty on the head of the being Thant. Leeero didn’t really consider that thing a Zionite. He looked around the table.

“What can we do? I want a status report. Who is this lunatic?” he said to the people assembled around the table.
“From what we can find out, Thant is an ex-leader of the Zionite Empire, although it doesn’t look like he’s really out of the leadership if the whole of his message is to be believed. He is also a very powerful telepath and telekinetic” replied Dreeowa, in charge of information gathering and inspections.
“Thank you, Dreeowa” said Leeero “what is the historical and research opinion on this telepathy?”

“Sir, if I may point out, as far as we know the majority of Zionite telepaths wouldn’t be able to puncture the natural telepathic shields most Canthin have. With Thant I think we may pretty much be safe as well, unless he has a hell of a lot more power than we suspect, I don’t think he could beat our own races shields. However, not all races have the benefit of having Telepathic predators on their homeworld, and thus are more susceptible to his telepathy and mind takeovers” said Growlin, in charge of research and history. “I can see several solutions to this problem. One would be the completion of project Rebirth, which as you know would allow us to reverse the effects of the virus that took away our own telepathy and killed off the Flayers. Still not much go ahead on that one, as you know the virus dates back from before the old Khanate, upon the original homeworld. Another solution may be to, er, resurrect a Flayer and set it upon Thant”

Cries of outrage were raised around the table at this last suggestion.
“In case you are forgetting the reason why the ancients resorted to the virus in the first place was to stop the Flayers from destroying civilisation in the first place! Their onslaught meant that if they didn’t then they would be destroyed” shouted Dreeowa rearing up out of her seat.
“You know from ancient records they had to hunt us in packs. This would be only one, and we still have our defensive powers, even if our offensive powers have been taken from us” replied Growlin at the same volume, rearing up out of his seat also.
“That one could destroy our ally’s civilisation, you know the reason that we never put them into the ecosystem of our new homeworld, they were too potentially dangerous” Dreeowa shouted back.

“Both of you sit down this instant. I am the leader of this council, and so I will decide. We will pump more funding into the Project Rebirth, and we will clone one, I say one, Flayer. That is all, dismissed” Leeros stood up and stalked out of the council table. The rest of the council looked at one another and then got up and left themselves.

then a sequel was written:
Great Escape
Growlin immediately went down the corridor to his office, where he asked his research heads to meet him. The first one to arrive was Treeowin Freeos.
“Treeowin, what a coincidence, I wanted to talk to you. I had been informed that you had been pressing to resurrect a Flayer, is that correct?” said Growlin without waiting for the other to arrive.
“Yes sir. I have. As head of the Resurrection division it is my job to investigate the animals of the old Homeworld, and we know from the records that the Flayer was one of closest evolutionary cousins, and it is also my belief that we will find out a lot about the mental powers of us when we resurrect it, as you already know sir” came the deep, almost growling voice of Treeowin. If Growlin didn’t know Treeowin he would have said the Resurrection head was angry, but he always sounded like that.
“Well then I have good news for you then. In an effort to stop this monster Thant the Council have authorised the resurrection of one, and only one, Flayer”
“Excellent sir, I will get right on it” Treeowin replied emotionlessly, and then he turned and left the room. Growlin frowned somewhat, and his ears twitched slightly, but he then shook his head and returned to his work. He stood and greeted the next of the Research section heads.
* * *
Treeowin had never really disobeyed orders directly, unless you counted guidelines that said to resurrect anything you needed permission, but they were only guidelines. He walked along and turned towards the least used section of the base upon the moon. He walked briskly towards the area which he had got for his own use. And then he turned into a high security lab.
“Anything been happening while I’ve been gone?” he growled to the tech sitting at a bunch of surveillance consoles.
“Nope, they’ve been just prowling around in there” the tech replied indicating the massive glass wall that separated the control room from an animal enclosure. Inside a big cat had just walked up to the wall and was looking at it. Treeowin knew it could not see through the glass, which was one way.

The cat was big, about the size as a Canthin, only it was on all fours. It had a midnight black pelt. The only real difference between it and a Canthin was the fact that it was on all fours, and thus the leg arrangement was different, and the fact that its head was set more like a sabre tooth tiger’s that any Terran would have recognised.

“Well, you can go now anyway. I’ll keep an eye on things here” growled Treeowin.
The tech nodded and turned to go, then hesitated, “do you…do you think it was wise to resurrect 4 of them?” he asked his boss.
“We know they had a pack structure, so I’ve resurrected a pack. Don’t worry, we are perfectly safe. We are the best lifeform our world ever came up with, after all”
The tech didn’t seem all that reassured, but nodded and left. Treeowin turned towards the creatures that the ancients called Flayers. He’d always wondered why they were called Flayers.

He found out when he went top feed them. The tech that was coming to see where Treeowin had got to found him, halfway between the 2 doors that opened onto the habitat. He immediately called security who interviewed everyone that was involved in this illicit operation. Of the Flayers there was no trace. The Forensic department of the council determined as far as they could tell that the remains were those of Treeowin, although it was hard; most of the flesh had been eaten and many of the bones had been broken. They were confident that they were still on the base though.

That was until news reached them from Truce that there had been series of deaths across all races in one small section of the spaceport. Several of the bodies had been eaten. The others appeared to have just dropped dead upon the spot. A report indicated that an agricultural ship had left port with a cargo of livestock. It appeared to be the most likely ship which the missing predators could have left on. They certainly were not in the Peace system anymore. Now the only question was where the ships had been bound.

All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.
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