Name a Star

Name a Star

Would you like to name a star? Galaxiki is a community galaxy - as a site member your can name stars, dedicate stars, edit planets and moons and contribute to this fantastic online world!

Name a Star Would you like to get a personal star? Then you may buy a star that only you will be able to edit - you can name a star, dedicate it to a beloved person, or you may offer it to someone as a gift.

Offer a Star as a Gift Each star is unique, and most stars feature planets that may even allow life. It's not only possible to name a star, you may also name binary stars, a black hole, a pulsar or a neutron star for example. You may also offer a star name to someone as a gift.


Name a Star

  • Your own star in an online galaxy
  • Name your star, edit planets and moons
  • There are also binary stars, black holes, pulsars and neutron stars
  • Only $1 or €1 (pay once, keep forever)
Get your own Star

Offer a star to someone

  • A really exceptional gift
  • Ownership certificate
  • Instant delivery
  • Easy delivery via e-mail
  • Only $1 or €1
Offer a Star

Name a star in our sci-fi galaxy

Galaxiki allows more than just to name a star. You may start by just inventing a star name, but there's much more: in fact you will be able to edit physical properties, you can write stories, invent alien life forms, get connected to other star owners and help to create an entire science fiction world.

Explore the galaxy to find stars, planets and moons
Maybe you'd like to name a star with its planets and moons, but you don't want to write stories. That's not a problem at all - name a star you've purchased, dedicate it to someone and then allow the community to edit it - that's how you can allow other site members to edit your planets and moons.

This is, of course, a vitual world which means that the stars in here don't exist in the real world. But it's cool, interesting and fun, and you can even embed your solar system as a widget on your website or blog.

By the way, did you know that it's actually impossible to name a star in a way that's officially recognized by astronomers? Only the International Astronomical Union (IAU) has the right to officially name celestial objects (and thus to name a star), and they don't offer an opportunity to name a star at all - no other company offering star naming services has ever been recognized by astronomers or the IAU. So if you name a star in our science fiction galaxy you will at least get something valuable: the free membership in a great and inspiring online community.

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