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Name and edit stars, planets and moons

Types of solar systems

There are basically three types or solar systems on Galaxiki. Community stars can be edited by all users for free. Personally owned solar systems can be edited by its owner, who may however also allow the community to edit it. Inactive solar systems can be purchased or they can be freed for the community.

Name stars, edit and moons

As a site member you can name and edit all solar systems owned by the community for free.

Change solar system properties

You can make changes to many aspects of a solar system and thus change its properties.

Invent creatures and write stories

You can write entire stories for each solar system, planet and moon, you can invent a planet's history, describe its lifeforms and even let them interact with habitants of other solar systems (traveling faster than light is allowed).

Upload images

You can create your own images and upload them to our site: solar systems, stars, planets, moons, landscapes or lifeforms for example.

Solar system dedications

Community stars can be dedicated to well known personalities.
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Some photographies used on this site are by NASA, they are in the public domain.
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