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  1. What is Galaxiki?
  2. Explore the galaxy
  3. Name and edit stars, planets and moons
  4. Build your own solar system
  5. Social Network
  6. More Cool stuff

More Cool stuff


You can place a solar system widget onto your own a website or your blog. A widget is a small 200 x 200 pixel that displays a Galaxiki solar system in real-time. The widget can also randomly select a solar system. It's really easy to install as it's just one line of code.


Manage your movies and books in our online library, see what other users like and share your thoughts with them.


Download free wallpaper images from our site and use them as background image on your computer's Desktop. Easy to install on Windows PCs, Apple Macs and Linux boxes.

And that's the end of our short tour, so...
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Some photographies used on this site are by NASA, they are in the public domain.
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