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Mitrion (PJH928): red dwarf star with 11 planets

  Ganiach   Byion   Polrion   Mionnon  

Solar system 'Mitrion (PJH928)' comprises the star 'Mitrion' and the retinue of celestial objects gravitationally bound to it: 11 planets and their 723 moons, as well as asteroids, meteoroids, planetoids, comets, and interplanetary dust.

The principal component of this star system is the star 'Mitrion', a red dwarf class star that contains about 98.97% of the system's known mass and dominates it gravitationally. Mitrion is located more than 2672 lightyears from the center of the galaxy.

Ganiach, the first planet in this system, features organic life forms with an average intelligence that have developed a high tech civilisation capable of utilizing hyperspace technology to explore their own solar system as well as distant star systems. Its average temperature is 306K (33C) and it's atmosphere contains 41% of oxygen. One year on Ganiach lasts 210 days, one day lasts 14 hours. It's diameter is 16970 km, 1.3 times the diameter of the Earth.

Mitrion was once the center of Ganite society. During the Core War this system was horribly devastated during a massive Dacor attack. The Ganite governments have subsequently relocated to Ayeruth in the Praggis system(PGK231).

The attack came while the bulk of the Ganite Fleet was trying to break the lines around Clarion and Rai. With their enemies distracted, the Dacor dashed into Ganite space, intending to strike at Ganiach and Mitrion Kuru. Their initial assault managed to level most of the capital, and Home Fleet, but the Dacor had apparently been unaware of the hidden Eighth Fleet, which counterattacked immediately. Following an intense engagement around Polrion, the Dacor commander ordered several divisions of ground troops dropped onto Ganiach's surface. This decision probably doomed the remainder of his force, as the landing left them vulnerable to the Ganite's WASP fighters. Nonetheless, fighting on Ganiach's surface continued for several weeks, ending with the detonation of several nuclear warheads world wide.

The Ganite Succession, a five year period of disorder and chaos followed the War. During the Succession, the Ayeruthan Ganites consolidated power over the colonies and began to rebuild. The Mitrion system has just now begun it's recovery.

A Short History of the Ganite Succession.
27 BPG Battle of Mitrion. Surviving members of the Senate, and Admirals Garn Treaj (of the Eighth Fleet) and Byrath Tooral, relocate to Pollen Prime, and install temporary government there. Ganite Military forces marshal at Pyrth.

17 BPG Battle of Pyrth. The Ganite navy is left severely depleted. The Ganites forced to make peace.
Conference of Anther begins on Pollen Prime, aiming to decide the future of the Ganite Empire. Attending were all surviving members of the senate (led by veteran senator Malcan Heern and one of the two consuls, Fraar), Treaj, Tooral and other surviving admirals, including new Admiral Gesman Freed, who had been promoted for meritorious service at the battle of Pyrth.
The conference decidedly fails to achieve anything other than splitting the surviving Ganite Government into four factions: the Antherians, led by Heern; the Ganiachians, led by Treaj, and the second Consul, a Ganite known as Hun; the Ayeruthans, led by Freed, and supported by just over a third of the Senate; and the Chodites, led by Fraar, and supported by Tooral.

2 BPG As the War rages on, many Ganites wish to renter, including the Ganiachians, but this is blocked by the other factions. There is wrangling between the Chodites and the Antherians as to who will get the new Ganite navy. The Ayeruthans exploit this by making themselves appear as a neutral party to each faction. The Ayeruthans thus secure the New Ganite Fleet.

1 BPG Refugees from Mitrion begin to become a real problem at Anther. Antherians legislate to limit this, causing problems for the other factions.
The Ganite Factions receive the first draft of the DURGAT treaty (the treaty of Raw Ot Dne, Pax Galaxiki, etc.). The Antherians spearhead Ganite involvement with the Treaty, and bring forward the Ganite Amendments, a series of small changes to the Treaty designed to gain the optimum advantage both for the Ganites, and the Antherians. These amendment need Senate approval, so the Antherians begin to manoeuvre to bring the Ayeruthans on side. The Ayeruthans agree to add their Senate votes to the Antherians (creating a majority) on the condition that the capital signed on the treaty is Mitrion, and that the limitation of refugees becomes illegal.
This puts the Antherians in a tight spot. To accept would be seen as backing down to the Ayeruthans, while refusing would possibly ruin any hope of the Ganites even signing the treaty (the Ganiachians are opposed to peace, and the Chodites, who think there should be sanctions for the Dacor). Eventually, they accept the Ayeruthans proposals. Anther becomes flooded with Refugees, and the Antherians supporters loose faith, and begin to abandon them.

0 BPG Ganite representatives from two factions attend the signing of the treaty of Raw Ot Dne, as the Antherians no longer have enough pulling power to attend, and the Ganiacians oppose peace. The Antherian leader Heern arrested by Eighth Fleet (under the control of Ganiachain leader Admiral Treaj), for high treason. This causes an outcry from the Chodites, but the Ayeruthans keep quiet.
The Ganiachians release details of Chodite leader Fraar's alleged visit to a Mitrion brothel. After enormous pressure, Fraar resigns as Consul, and joins the Ayeruthans in a minor role. The Chodite's military commander, Admiral Tooral alleges that the Ganiachians claims about Fraar are lies. In response to this, Treaj sends the Eighth Fleet to the Profion system to arrest Tooral on charges of Defamation. Tooral takes his own military forces and prepares to fight.

1 PG Treaj averts possible civil war by offering Tooral's general staff with high possitions in his own faction, if they hand over Tooral. The staff accept, Tooral is executed without trial, and the Ganiachian and Chodite factions become one creating a senatorial majority. The Ganiachians use this majority to force senate meeting to be held in Alpha Blue. Treaj tries to have Hun promoted to Prime Consul, a post with dictatorial powers, only used a few times in Ganite history, in absolute crisis's. The Ganiachian Senatorial majority should be eonugh to get it through comfortably, but many former Chodites begin to have doubts, and switch to the Ayeruthans. However, the Ganiachians still have a slight majority, until several of their senators die in mysterious circumstances, and are quickly replaced by Ayeruthans.

2 PGTreaj accuses the Ayeruthans of assassination, while the Ayeruthans accuse Treaj of Defamation. Treaj promotes Hun to Prime Consul without Senate consent. Many Remaining senators go over to the Ayeruthans, giving them enough power to declare all remaining Ganiachains outlaws, and thus dispatching the Twenty Third Battle Group of the Reconstructed Ganite fleet to arrest Treaj and Hun. The battle group is lead by Freed, the hero of Pyrth. Treaj and Freed fight, and the eighth fleet eventually withdraws. They have not yet been discovered.

Admiral Garn Treaj escaped with his fleet.
Prime Consul Hun was Arrested and taken to Praggis.
Admiral Gesman Freed was declared chief Admiral of the Ganites.
Ex-Consul Fraar continued to work in the department of transport.
Senator Heern was released from prison, and continued his senatorial career.

This solar system comprises 11 planets

Ganiach is a large terrestrial planet (8485 km radius) which orbits its star in 210 Earth days, one day on Ganiach lasts 14 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 306 K (33 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of nitrogen, oxygen and it has 10 moons.

Contemporary Ganiach It has been many generations since the Great Core War and subsequent upheaval in Ganite society. Contemporary Ganiach has begun to approach some of it's ancient prosperit ...

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Byion is a large terrestrial planet (7654 km radius) which orbits its star in 631 Earth days, one day on Byion lasts 15 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 141 K (-132 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of nitrogen, oxygen and it has 13 moons.

"The Cold Yards", former Ganite shipwright installations. During the Dacor attack, this planet was a secondary target, allowing the bulk of the newly minted ships to engage the enemy. In the heat of combat, WASP fighters were being rolled off assembly l ...

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Polrion is a very large terrestrial planet (11131 km radius) which orbits its star in 1160 Earth days, one day on Polrion lasts 13 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 94 K (-179 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of nitrogen, oxygen and it has 40 moons.

THE FLEET Ganite Fleet Ships (GFS) come in many sizes and classes. From the Carriers, packed with state of the art WASP fighters, to the nimble Shuttle Interceptors like the GFS OSPREY. Larger warships mount supercharged plasma cannons and lasers, de ...

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Mionnon is a very small terrestrial planet (2516 km radius) which orbits its star in 2131 Earth days, one day on Mionnon lasts 50 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 56 K (-217 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of nitrogen, oxygen and it has 2 moons.

The shabby space station orbiting this planet is a monstrous fusion of Platinum City (a former leisure destination) and Alpha Blue (once the HQ of the Ganite Fleet). Alpha Blue has been gutted and deserted, but much of Platinum City remains as it was ...

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Zyonx is a large gas giant (41996 km radius) which orbits its star in 41914 Earth days, one day on Zyonx lasts 11 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1805 K (1532 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen and it has 88 moons.

Lyinin is a medium terrestrial planet (5204 km radius) which orbits its star in 77001 Earth days, one day on Lyinin lasts 20 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1030 K (757 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen and it has 54 moons.

Four weeks ago, a detachment of Ale-Turan ships entered the Mitrion system. They were the Ale-Turan embassy to the Ganites, but had not heard about the Dacor attack on this system. They landed on this planet when they realised something was wrong. However ...

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Gerthilongh is a medium gas giant (35424 km radius) which orbits its star in 164272 Earth days, one day on Gerthilongh lasts 11 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1260 K (987 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen, helium and it has 51 moons.

Longsterd is a large gas giant (53472 km radius) which orbits its star in 310649 Earth days, one day on Longsterd lasts 11 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1238 K (965 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen, helium and it has 97 moons.

As with the other gas giants in the Mitrion system, Longsterd and it's moons are extensively mined for their gaseous and mineral wealth. As tertiary targets, many of the mineral and gas operations survived the Dacor attack relatively intact. The cont ...

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Geronsde is a large gas giant (53014 km radius) which orbits its star in 570698 Earth days, one day on Geronsde lasts 11 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1456 K (1183 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen and it has 160 moons.

Feronstherg is a large gas giant (75356 km radius) which orbits its star in 1048440 Earth days, one day on Feronstherg lasts 11 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1136 K (863 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen, helium and it has 166 moons.

Feronstherg's orbital platform has recently added a luxury residential spire, providing a home for many Ganite executives who wish to remain close to their business interests without living on squalid Ganiach.

Streak is a medium terrestrial planet (6466 km radius) which orbits its star in 1378210 Earth days, one day on Streak lasts 16 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1733 K (1460 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of and it has 42 moons.

Once a forgotten rock on the outskirts of the Ganite Imperial Center, Streak is now the position of a massive Jump Light accelerator, speeding Ganiach's millions of refugees to the safety of nearby colonies like Pollen Prime, Anther, Profion or new homes ...

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Planetary Orbits



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Planetary Statistics

distance from star:48*106 km100*106 km150*106 km225*106 km1639*106 km
radius:8485 km7654 km11131 km2516 km41996 km
mass:4887*1021 kg3587*1021 kg11032*1021 kg127*1021 kg592534*1021 kg
surface gravity: 4.53 m/s2
0.46 Earths
4.08 m/s2
0.41 Earths
5.94 m/s2
0.60 Earths
1.33 m/s2
0.13 Earths
22.4 m/s2
2.29 Earths
escape velocity:8.768 km/s7.909 km/s11.50 km/s2.595 km/s43.39 km/s
year: 360 Ganiach days
210 Earth days
1009 Byion days
631 Earth days
2141 Polrion days
1160 Earth days
1022 Mionnon days
2131 Earth days
91448 Zyonx days
41914 Earth days
day:14 hrs15 hrs13 hrs50 hrs11 hrs
axial tilt:11°24°20°293°
temperature:306 K
33 C
141 K
-132 C
94 K
-179 C
56 K
-217 C
1805 K
1532 C
atmosphere:3% H2
2% He
53% N2
41% O2
1% CO2
0% other
63% N2
37% O2
0% other
71% N2
26% O2
3% CO2
0% other
3% H2
1% He
71% N2
23% O2
2% CO2
0% other
98% H2
2% He
0% other

distance from star:2459*106 km4076*106 km6233*106 km9350*106 km14025*106 km
radius:5204 km35424 km53472 km53014 km75356 km
mass:1127*1021 kg355617*1021 kg1223120*1021 kg1191960*1021 kg3423288*1021 kg
surface gravity: 2.77 m/s2
0.28 Earths
18.9 m/s2
1.93 Earths
28.5 m/s2
2.91 Earths
28.3 m/s2
2.89 Earths
40.2 m/s2
4.11 Earths
escape velocity:5.376 km/s36.60 km/s55.25 km/s54.78 km/s77.87 km/s
year: 92401 Lyinin days
77001 Earth days
358411 Gerthilongh days
164272 Earth days
677779 Longsterd days
310649 Earth days
1245159 Geronsde days
570698 Earth days
2287505 Feronstherg days
1048440 Earth days
day:20 hrs11 hrs11 hrs11 hrs11 hrs
axial tilt:
temperature:1030 K
757 C
1260 K
987 C
1238 K
965 C
1456 K
1183 C
1136 K
863 C
atmosphere:100% H2
0% other
89% H2
11% He
0% other
81% H2
19% He
0% other
100% H2
0% other
81% H2
19% He
0% other

distance from star:16830*106 km
radius:6466 km
mass:2162*1021 kg
surface gravity: 3.45 m/s2
0.35 Earths
escape velocity:6.680 km/s
year: 2067315 Streak days
1378210 Earth days
day:16 hrs
axial tilt:20°
temperature:1733 K
1460 C
atmosphere:100% other

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