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Clarion (QBH176): red dwarf star with 2 planets


Solar system 'Clarion (QBH176)' comprises the star 'Clarion' and the retinue of celestial objects gravitationally bound to it: 2 planets and their 166 moons, as well as asteroids, meteoroids, planetoids, comets, and interplanetary dust.

The principal component of this star system is the star 'Clarion', a red dwarf class star that contains about 99.85% of the system's known mass and dominates it gravitationally. Clarion is located more than 752 lightyears from the center of the galaxy.

Echo, the first planet in this system, features organic life forms with quite low intelligence, remaining on a very primitive evolutionary level. Its average temperature is 305K (32C) and it's atmosphere contains 20% of oxygen. One year on Echo lasts 150 days, one day lasts 6 hours. It's diameter is 14886 km, 1.1 times the diameter of the Earth.

Known to the Ganites as Clarion, this system was the site of intense fighting during the Core War. After the Battle of Pyrth, the Ganite Fleet and it's Riv allies were forced to withdraw.

This solar system comprises 2 planets

Echo is a large terrestrial planet (7443 km radius) which orbits its star in 150 Earth days, one day on Echo lasts 6 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 305 K (32 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of nitrogen, oxygen and it has 7 moons.

Some time ago. The Ganite crossed the barrens of Echo at a steady pace, moving by night, following the old river bed and sheltering from the sun under the heavy rock shelves that lined his path. Once he awoke to find a pack of Jir Dogs gathered ...

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Thunder is a large gas giant (42613 km radius) which orbits its star in 36838 Earth days, one day on Thunder lasts 2 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1301 K (1028 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen, helium and it has 159 moons.

This system has been visited by the Umbrans.

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Planetary Orbits


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Planetary Statistics

distance from star:38*106 km1504*106 km
radius:7443 km42613 km
mass:3298*1021 kg619036*1021 kg
surface gravity: 3.97 m/s2
0.40 Earths
22.7 m/s2
2.32 Earths
escape velocity:7.690 km/s44.03 km/s
year: 600 Echo days
150 Earth days
442056 Thunder days
36838 Earth days
day:6 hrs2 hrs
axial tilt:
temperature:305 K
32 C
1301 K
1028 C
atmosphere:80% N2
20% O2
0% other
76% H2
24% He
0% other

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