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Windstar (SJK390): red giant star with 8 planets


Solar system 'Windstar (SJK390)' is a dual star system that comprises the stars 'Windstar.A' and 'Windstar.B' and the retinue of celestial objects gravitationally bound to them: 8 planets and their 687 moons, as well as asteroids, meteoroids, planetoids, comets, and interplanetary dust.

The principal components of this star system are the stars 'Windstar.A' and 'Windstar.B' that dominate it gravitationally. 'Windstar.A' is a red giant class star that contains about 68% of the system's known mass, 'Windstar.B' is a yellow dwarf class star that contains about 31% of the system's known mass.

System 'Windstar' is located more than 2510 lightyears from the center of the galaxy.

This is Windstar, capital of the Kingdom of Westwind. The Kingdom controls the entire system, and was the major trading force of this part of the galaxy prior to around 850PG, when it intervened in the Havenite War due to the destruction of several of its trade vessels. When the Ale-Turans vanished, Westwind was one of the few nations that really took up the slack. Westwind dominates a large portion of Canthin space, which makes up a good portion of the galaxy. They considered the Great Childrenic Empire to be their personal trading pond, and rabidly defended all attempts at outside interference, a policy which continues to this day, despite the disappearance of trade which justifies it. The politics of the Kingdom are geared primarily to keeping the Empire as broken into the disunity and warfare that constantly affects them, and stopping outsiders from interfering with the governance of the Empire. To this aim, Westwind is one of the most advanced nations in the region, rumored to rival or even supersede the remaining ROD nations.

After 850PG, their trade gradually slacked off, and they became rather isolationist and secretive. Windstar was sealed off from outside interference, and all attempts to enter were repulsed. Even long range telescopes and scanners became obscured at around 900PG. Rumors state that a period of large scale advancement in tech was occurring, supported by the appearance of highly advanced Westwind military ships doing impossible things. While some trade does still happen.

The star was once called Ettin by explorers. Upon the arrival of the Reeal Colonization fleet which settled the system sometime before 300PG, the star was renamed Lord Meeak. A naming war ensued between the local populance, the Reeal Government, and the Ale-Turans, only finally being settled with the star being renamed Windstar, thanks to the rise of power of both Eastwind and Westwind. Only the Ale-Turans continued to use Ettin until their ascension.

For much of its early history, the system was part of the Reeal Theocracy, who settled the system. The settlement and renaming of this system was seen as controversial and sparked tension between the Reeal Theocracy, the Children, and Mananins, and the Ale-Turan Salespersons Alliance. Whether the Ale-Turans placed a fleet here first, or the Reeal colonization happened first, is something that has been lost to time. Though later events seemed to indicate that the Alliance set up a military station here first, with the Reeal colonization fleet moving in to create a claim on the system.

Tensions remained high throughout this period, and several conflicts were spawned as a result. Exact dates have been lost to time, but at one point, the system declared itself independent as a communist nation, which prompted Ale-Turan interference which returned it into the control of the Reeal theocracy. Several other conflicts and disputes happened during the period, as Ale-Turan and Canthin fleets faced off against one another.

Between 420-423PG, the Reeal civil war happened, with some of the worst fighting happening within this system. It was during this period that much of the older history of the system was lost, and tech was knocked down to the very bottom. The Reeal, having always been of a lower tech level than most of the galaxiki, was brought lower still. After this, the Reeal joined the newly founded Confederation. This system instantly became one of the main concerns for the Reeal and their supporters in the Confederation. Aid was sent to try and get it back on their feet. At the same time, many elements in the Confederation were against supporting what they saw as a lost cause, as the expense to repair the damage was staggering.

The Confederation slowly dissolved after 488PG, when the Mananins left the system. Eventually, only Danansan DC and the Reeal were left, including this system. In 514, the system declared itself independent under the Star Kingdom of Westwind, which was slowly recovering. They joined the League of Independent Nations, only to leave at the beginning of the Iron War in 540PG, not wanting to get involved. At this time, the Children reformed into the Great Childrenic Empire, and spent the next century slowly collapsing into a infighting nightmare.

Westwind, which had managed to advance to become what was essentially a second rate power, was thus primed to become one of the major powers in the galaxiki following the decline of the Children and their trading empire, the Ascension of the Ale-Turans and the loss of their Trading Empire, and the Isolationist policies of the Dacor. Their trading empire led to them getting hold of many of the technologies of the Children and Ale-Turans, which had since been lost, and their research efforts spawned as a result of their prosperity. This led to them becoming perhaps the most advanced nation trading with the remaining ROD nations and their successors.

However, Westwind began to get more secretive and, what many would term as, isolationist with the more tech it got. Mindful of the ongoing meltdown of the Great Childrenic Empire and what it would do if it got control of some of the technology that they had rediscovered and discovered. As such, restrictions were put in place on what and what could not be traded.

In 853-854PG, Westwind intervened in the ongoing Havenite Wars after several of its trade ships were destroyed. At this point, there appears to have been a debate, and it was decided that the risk of capture and interrogation by other nations to get the knowledge which all citizens had was too great, and the trade empire declined and Westwind sealed Windstar from outsiders. After 900PG, all attempts at detectingwhat was inside the system were rebuffed, and myths sprang up about what was contained. From sightings of Westwind military ships, it became obvious that their tech had continued increasing, and that their policy of guarding the Great Childrenic Empire from outside interference continued, and had spread to protect all the other Canthin Nations as well.

This solar system comprises 8 planets

SJK3901 is a very small terrestrial planet (2678 km radius) which orbits its star in 0 Earth days, one day on SJK3901 lasts 43 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1854 K (1581 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and it has 0 moons.
SJK3902 is a medium gas giant (30609 km radius) which orbits its star in 31103 Earth days, one day on SJK3902 lasts 8 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1369 K (1096 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen, helium and it has 111 moons.
EastWind is a large gas giant (69145 km radius) which orbits its star in 62948 Earth days, one day on EastWind lasts 8 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1631 K (1358 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen and it has 134 moons.

A gas giant. Like all gas giants the Canthin inhabit, East Wind is home to many great sky cities. After a communist revolution, this planet was taken over by Ale-Turan forces, who claimed to be restoring Reeal control over the planet. After the Confe ...

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SJK3904 is a large gas giant (43008 km radius) which orbits its star in 128301 Earth days, one day on SJK3904 lasts 8 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1122 K (849 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen and it has 65 moons.
WestWind is a large gas giant (70360 km radius) which orbits its star in 235705 Earth days, one day on WestWind lasts 8 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1594 K (1321 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen and it has 101 moons.

Westwind! Capital of planet of the Kingdom of Westwind, Premier Canthin Nation of since the Great Collapse. The Kingdom, known to be the most powerful trading force throughout the West Canth and the Canthin Khanate sectors and regions of space. Settled b ...

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SJK3906 is a very large terrestrial planet (11116 km radius) which orbits its star in 433018 Earth days, one day on SJK3906 lasts 10 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1450 K (1177 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen, helium and it has 79 moons.
ChildrenMilitarybase2 is a large gas giant (43332 km radius) which orbits its star in 795505 Earth days, one day on ChildrenMilitarybase2 lasts 8 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1796 K (1523 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen, helium and it has 171 moons.

The Children have claimed this as a military base to watch over the Ale Turan and the rest of the system. their 2nd and 8th fleets have taken up positions around the planet. Recently, the Ale-Turan Elesium Cruiser Pride of Ale-Tura performed a th ...

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Cappera is a small terrestrial planet (3131 km radius) which orbits its star in 1045719 Earth days, one day on Cappera lasts 33 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 1721 K (1448 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of and it has 26 moons.

The 33rd and 74th Ale-Turan Grand Fleets are currently positioned on this planet. The 34th Grand Fleet was incorporated into these two Grand Fleets following the end of the Vengeance War and the signing of the Treaty of Edasruc, to make up for casualties t ...

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Planetary Orbits


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Planetary Statistics

distance from star:0*106 km1344*106 km2150*106 km3457*106 km5185*106 km
radius:2678 km30609 km69145 km43008 km70360 km
mass:153*1021 kg229423*1021 kg2644675*1021 kg636411*1021 kg2786554*1021 kg
surface gravity: 1.42 m/s2
0.14 Earths
16.3 m/s2
1.66 Earths
36.9 m/s2
3.77 Earths
22.9 m/s2
2.34 Earths
37.5 m/s2
3.83 Earths
escape velocity:2.761 km/s31.63 km/s71.45 km/s44.44 km/s72.70 km/s
year: 0 SJK3901 days
0 Earth days
93309 SJK3902 days
31103 Earth days
188844 EastWind days
62948 Earth days
384903 SJK3904 days
128301 Earth days
707115 WestWind days
235705 Earth days
day:43 hrs8 hrs8 hrs8 hrs8 hrs
axial tilt:11°53°77°34°
temperature:1854 K
1581 C
1369 K
1096 C
1631 K
1358 C
1122 K
849 C
1594 K
1321 C
atmosphere:82% N2
5% O2
13% CO2
0% other
79% H2
21% He
0% other
93% H2
7% He
0% other
91% H2
9% He
0% other
98% H2
2% He
0% other

distance from star:7778*106 km11667*106 km14001*106 km
radius:11116 km43332 km3131 km
mass:10988*1021 kg650902*1021 kg245*1021 kg
surface gravity: 5.93 m/s2
0.60 Earths
23.1 m/s2
2.36 Earths
1.66 m/s2
0.16 Earths
escape velocity:11.48 km/s44.77 km/s3.231 km/s
year: 1039243 SJK3906 days
433018 Earth days
2386515 ChildrenMilitarybase2 days
795505 Earth days
760522 Cappera days
1045719 Earth days
day:10 hrs8 hrs33 hrs
axial tilt:121°
temperature:1450 K
1177 C
1796 K
1523 C
1721 K
1448 C
atmosphere:89% H2
11% He
0% other
80% H2
20% He
0% other
100% other

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