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Tauran Ari (TAE571): white dwarf star with 0 planets


Solar system 'Tauran Ari (TAE571)' comprises the star 'Tauran Ari' and the retinue of celestial objects gravitationally bound to it: 0 planets and their moons, as well as asteroids, meteoroids, planetoids, comets, and interplanetary dust.

The principal component of this star system is the star 'Tauran Ari', a white dwarf class star that contains about 99.99% of the system's known mass and dominates it gravitationally. Tauran Ari is located more than 2615 lightyears from the center of the galaxy.

This star is an unusually large white dwarf star orbited by no significant planetary bodies located within the Polystratus Euphorion star cluster in the Adrastea arm of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 1300. The star Tauran Ari is the stellar remnant of a massive red giant star that cooled rapidly and expelled the majority of its mass over the time-span of about a hundred million years. Tauran Ari is composed entirely of electron-degenerate matter and is thought to be around 5 billion years of age. At about 89,000 kilometers across, the surface of Tauran Ari is an intense 99,000 degrees Celsius. Within this system exist no major asteroid belts, only solar dust and gas encircle in the form of a rather unremarkable accretion disk left over from expelled star matter during the red giant phase of the star which orbits Tauran Ari at a distance ranging from less than one astronomical unit - to approximately 5AU.

This star system is officially under the rule of the Darwin Arae Empire. While there are currently no active manned nor unmanned outpost stations located in this star system, orbiting this remote white dwarf star are two legendary decommissioned and abandoned twin war ships used during the first Koralian war that are said to be the resting place of some of the largest Sernusbahn crystals ever found, though many attempts to recover these legendary crystals have turned up nothing. The war ship known as Kabos-1 orbits this star in a circular orbit at a distance of 3.69AU while Kabos-2 orbits Tauran Ari much further out in a highly elliptical orbit (orbiting mainly below the ecliptic plane of the star) at 19.22AU at its furthest from Tauran Ari. This star system is a graveyard for countless retired war vessels and outdated star ships, all of which orbit Tauran Ari at varying distances. Access to this solar system is tightly regulated and permission to visit this remote technological graveyard is rarely granted to visitors residing within the Darwin Arae Empire.



This solar system belongs to user 'gavino29'.


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