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Bleb (WHC495): red dwarf star with 0 planets


Solar system 'Bleb (WHC495)' comprises the star 'Bleb' and the retinue of celestial objects gravitationally bound to it: 0 planets and their moons, as well as asteroids, meteoroids, planetoids, comets, and interplanetary dust.

The principal component of this star system is the star 'Bleb', a red dwarf class star that contains about 99.99% of the system's known mass and dominates it gravitationally. Bleb is located more than 2258 lightyears from the center of the galaxy.

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other known ghost stars are

Ghost fingerprint of Gravitational anomaly and station detected in this system

The below is a report given by a so called ‘specialist’ on the ghost species

The Ghosts: A mysterious race known as the ghosts have been making an appearance of sorts recently. Their 'fingerprint' as such is a anomalous mass of planetary size orbiting the star with a the occasional trade station orbiting this mass.

The Mass : these masses seem to be the leftover remnants from some sort of 'cloaking device' how such a device would work is unknown. However light seems to pass straight through it, and any probes or even solar detritus that pass into it, are not seen again. It's small size and mass signature seems to indicate that it is not a black hole

The Stations : These stations (generally massive moon sized dry-dock/stations) are rather a curiosity of sorts. They are fully automated with an integrated artificial intelligence. This intelligence is capable of offering certain trade items such as minerals and other cargoes, and services such as repair work, complete sanctuary... and with enough materials, even ship construction. Even I.O.U’s are available. However, any ship/crew/colony that has not honored it's I.O.U agreement, has never been heard of past the disclosure date.

The armament of these stations is somewhat unknown… reports of full-scale assaults failing dismally are but one of many wild stories heard of these stations… However, what we do know is that the station is covered in many ‘laser globes’.

--These globes are capable of firing a highly directed and accurate laser beams used to literally ‘cut ships apart’.

--These lasers can shoot through the gravitational anomaly and still reach maximum range with maximum accuracy.

--This beam is not used to destroy, merely sever the offending weapons

--These lasers are only used when a ship either opens fire on the station itself, or on another ship.

--Parts of ships that have been cut apart end up being towed back by a gravitational ‘tractor beam’ to the station for some unknown purpose

--Escape pods etcetera from heavily damaged ships are allowed back onto the station.

The Enemies: the ghosts appear not to have any enemies, even the more aggressive races have learnt not to try to take on the ghosts.

--If a threat is made to a nearby system with the ghost ‘fingerprint’, ships, stations and even entire colonies and races have been known to disappear… weather this is the work of the ghosts however is unknown… it could be coincidence, we just don’t know.

The Technology:
--Judging from the stations and their services; Rapid construction on a massive scale seems possible with this species, possibly with matter-re-arrangement techniques.

--Cloaking is certain with this species; their ability to move around unseen and to colonize is unprecedented

--The ghost planetoid masses recorded in the systems we have come across have not been documented as being there previously… The reasons for this is unknown, however the most likely explanation is that they where not there previously.




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