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RYE (VHA503): red dwarf star with 11 planets

Life in the RYE (VHA503) system

Seetha, the first planet in this system, may feature life forms. Its average temperature is 307K (34C) and it's atmosphere contains 16% of oxygen. One year on Seetha lasts 291 days, one day lasts 13 hours. It's diameter is 18862 km, 1.4 times the diameter of the Earth.

RYE Prime, the second planet in this system, features organic life forms generally very intelligent that have developed a high tech civilisation capable of utilizing hyperspace technology to explore their own solar system as well as distant star systems. Its average temperature is 273K (0C) and it's atmosphere contains 17% of oxygen. One year on RYE Prime lasts 535 days, one day lasts 27 hours. It's diameter is 33574 km, 2.6 times the diameter of the Earth.

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