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Planet Station Deepview in system Far Guard 2 (LAE445)

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Station Deepview

Part of a network of observation posts being constructed along the galactic rim to observe the galactic gulf and neighboring galaxies for hyper advanced aliens capable of traveling between galaxies.

With too many intrusions of aliens and alien artifacts into this galaxy it was ordered by Core Command to establish a network to monitor extragalactic activity. The space between Far Guard stations 1 and 2 have the most evidence of aliens and artifacts than anywhere else in the galaxy making these stations the first line of defense to alert Core Command of further intrusions. Listed below is some of the known evidence of extragalactic origins, priority level, danger level, and their current investigation status.

  • PAC555 - Red binary that wandered in with large parabolic mirrors and a large solar array in orbit around it. Priority: Low; Danger: Unknown; Status: To be investigated
  • Solascotia SFA702 - Qelts. Priority: None; Danger: Low/None; Status: Currently friendly and advanced in science and technology.
  • Serpan RBG603 - War like reptiles the Serpdendar. Priority: High; Danger: High; Status: Confirmed to still exist due to several attacks of recent origin. Current whereabouts unknown
  • Dib SAC367 - Extragalactic race now extinct that had landed on the planet Dob. Priority: None; Danger: Unknown; Status: Extinct
  • Herox RHD569 - Site where an ancient space ark was found full of dead aliens whose life support system had failed. Priority: Low; Danger: Unknown; Status: Yet to be fully investigated by Second Sight
  • Inferi TAG298 - Corpse animating spores of unknown origin. Priority: Moderate; Danger: High; Status: Currently being studied.
  • Blink PKA809 - A red dwarf with a trillion micro capsules in orbit containing protein strands of life forms within the universe. Priority: Moderate; Danger: None; Status: Must be protected.
  • Small extra galactic lifeforms called Fusion Bugs able to duplicate themselves and convert various elements. They can be found throughout the galaxy around gas giant planets. Some of the systems they inhabit are - Quirixion WCH420, Nudn VAE571, Oyaing QAJ758, and MEG528. Priority: Moderate; Danger: None; Status: Currently being studied to potentially be used for industrial/other purposes

    Crewed by members of the Second Sight Project as part of a joint operation with the Far Guard project. The first stage has been completed and a communication network is being established with station Far Guard TKK715.

    This planet has 4 moons:
    Beyond The Deep (no information available yet)
    Far Sight (no information available yet)
    Void (no information available yet)
    Deep Dark (no information available yet)
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