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Planet Takhaan in system Dorakoon (LBG229)



Takhaan is the first planet from the Dorakoon star, it's the home of the Dora and the Ziivh.

The Dora are a quite intelligent species. About 2 million of them populate the northern hemisphere of the planet, while only very few of them live within the southern hemisphere.

About 250,000 years ago the Dora were much more technology-oriented, they had both computer and spaceship technology, although they never built faster than light engines. They even managed to set up a colony on Luron, the second planet in the system, and a colony on the Marakar planet was planned too.

But it seems that the Dora then quite suddenly stopped innovating, they cancelled their future space exploration plans and returned to a much simpler and nature-oriented lifestyle that only relies on a minimum or technological innovations. There once was a total population of about 30 billion Dora on Takhann, but their number has continously decreased since then.

Nobody really knows why the Dora changed their way of life so drastically within a rather short timeframe, and they do not seek communication with other intelligent species anymore so that the amount of available information is almost negligable.

The Ziivh are less intelligent and were never really interested in technology. It is not known how many of them there are, but they are probably much more numerous than the Dora and they equally live on both hemispheres.

Dora and Ziivh respect each other and they even trade goods, although they do not really share interests.

Takhann once was a monarchy and reigned by the Dora Nanee clan. The Nanee family lost most of its power after the Dora turned away from technology and their bloodline completely disappeared within a few thousand years. As the Dora gave up all political infrastructures and turned back to a more tribe-based lifestyle most information about the remaining of several important families got lost.

Today neither the Dora nor the Ziivh seem to be interested in communicating with other species, which is genereally respected and thus Takhann is not that often visited.

This planet has 9 moons:
Zulan This is the very first moon in the Dorakoon system. It is not inhabited.
Togan (no information available yet)
Fulak (no information available yet)
Zoron (no information available yet)
Turuun (no information available yet)
Moorkt (no information available yet)
Juvon (no information available yet)
Penuk (no information available yet)
Izaar (no information available yet)


Planetary Orbits


This solar system belongs to user 'joskirps'.


dragonspice - march 28, 2012:
I like this interesting system.
twayneking - november 2, 2011:
Interesting - a civilization gone essentially dormant.
thebigh - june 25, 2011:
Very interesting.

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