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Planet CliffHaven in system Nesting (MBK090)

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This rather hot planet is home to an advanced race of winged snakelike creatures know as the Gang Gung.

They have one pair of wings made out of a thin skin membrane, but covered on the top side in scales. They have a pointed snout with four large nostrils sitting on top, with four rows of teeth and a long spiny tongue. The wings are attached halfway down the long body that tapers to a point and a long thrashing tail with four spikes on it.

The Gang Gung have extremely advanced technology but tend not to use it, they prefer flying about with only themselves and no technology when they can help it. However a few Gang Gung have in braced the new technology and started to use it in their every day lives, one example of this is that the Gang Gung have vast libraries in the sky, floating buildings crisscross their flying routes and the new breed of Gang Gung now use low frequency waves to listen to the books rather than go there them selves and turn the old pages by hand as most Gang Gung do.

Space Flight
The Gang Gung have mastered space flight and have FTL 8.9 at their disposal. They however vary rarely use it as they tend to stay on the home world all their lives. They however do sometimes send trading vessels of to other species, though they are often on autopilot. The Gang Gung also have a large navy of sixty thousand ships but they are never used and most don’t see why they need them at all.

The Gang Gung spend all day flying and most of the night nesting on cliffs, this means that they have huge muscles used to lifted their wings. They are armoured all over with beautifully coloured scales that get smaller in size once they reach the underbelly. Due to the fact that they fly all day they have huge lungs and hearts that pump oxygenated blood round the body. When in flight 25% of all blood go’s to the muscles used to lift and flap the wings.


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